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[kahr-uh-muhn-muh-rahsh; Turk. kah-rah-main-mairahsh]
Kahramanmaraş, formerly Maraş, city (1990 pop. 229,066), S Turkey. The city lies on a fertile plain at the foot of the Taurus Mts. A center for light industry and trade, spices, olive oil, and handicrafts are the chief products. The area surrounding the city is noted for agriculture and mining (especially silver and iron). Ancient inscriptions found there indicate that Kahramanmaraş was a Hittite city-state c.1000 B.C. The city was called Germanikeia in Roman times. It was captured by the Arabs in A.D. 638, In the 12th cent., the city came under the control of the Seljuq Turks; it was annexed by the Ottoman Empire in the early 16th cent. Kahramanmaraş has several medieval mosques.
Kahramanmaraş (or simply Maraş) is a province of Turkey. Its provincial capital is Kahramanmaraş city, the traffic code is 46.


Kahramanmaraş province is divided into 10 districts:


Kahramanmaraş was known historically as Maraş and was a settlement since pre-historic times.

The city received to title of Kahraman (Heroic) from the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) for the heroic struggle by the local civilian population against the occupying English and then French armed forces after the First World War (see Sütçü İmam Incident ). It was one of the first "free" towns after World War I.


Maraş has historically been famous for its gold. The textile industry is relatively new and mostly machinated.


The Kahramanmaraş Sütçü İmam University is a recently founded university supplying social, language and technical sciences as well as medical education.


The province's most famous culinary speciality is the ice cream, "Maraş ice cream", available in specialist ice cream shops throughout Turkey and the world such as MADO and Yasar Pastanesi and on tourist sites. The ice cream has an elastic consistency and is served with knife and fork, often accompanied by a slice of baklava. It melts in your mouth while you chew it, similar to bubble gum.

Maraş red peppers are also well known for its aroma, Vitamin C content, and moderate hotness. Maraş pepper is different from far-east chilies as dried with support of Scientific Investigations and Universities in MUSAN which contains no aflatoxin and no diseases.

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