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K.S.V. Roeselare

K.S.V. Roeselare is a Belgian football club, from the city of Roeselare in West Flanders. Its matricule is the n°134. It has been in the Jupiler League since 2005-06. Roeselare is a semi-professional club, meaning it comprises both professional and amateur footballers.


The first club of the city was founded in 1900 by some students and named De Verenigde Vrienden (Dutch for The United Friends) but that name changed early to Red Star Roeselare. In 1902, the club is known as Union Sportive Roulers (in French) but it will retire from the football association for financial problems in 1909. The next year, two new clubs are founded -- Sportvereniging Roeselare (the Catholics) and F.C. Roeselare (the non-Catholics)-- but not for long as the former club activity stopped in 1914 due to World War I. The birth of S.K. Roeselare arose seven years later. The same year (1921) it received the matricule n° 134 as it became a member of the national association. The other club from the town registered in 1923 as F.C. Roeselare with the matricule n° 286. However, this matricule does not exist anymore as K.S.K. Roeselare and K.F.C. Roeselare merged in 1999 to form K.S.V. and kept the n° 134. The first time a team from Roeselare achieved promotion to the first division was in 2005 when K.S.V. won the second division playoff.

Current squad KSV Roeselare logotype

Former Players


European record

As of September 8, 2006:

Competition Appearances Matches played Wins Draws Losses Goals For Goals Against
UEFA Cup 1 4 3 0 1 9 8
Uefa Cup 2006 - 2007


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