Junior Technician

Junior Technician

Junior Technician (Jnr Tech, JT or J/T) is a rank in the Royal Air Force, ranking between Senior Aircraftman (SAC) and Corporal, with a NATO rank code of OR-2. As of 2005, no more airmen are being promoted to this rank.

The rank of Junior Technician is only held by airmen in technical trades and by musicians. Airmen in non-technical trades always progressed directly from Senior Aircraftman to Corporal. Junior Technician is a pay grade and does not have a supervisory role. The rank was introduced in 1950 as part of a new grading system for technicians, wearing a single point up chevron. In 1964, when the grading system was abolished, JTs were retained, their badge changing to a four-bladed propeller.

In 2000 the Royal Air Force started to give some SACs technician status. This move obviated the need for Junior Technicians and in 2005 promotions to rank of Junior Technician ceased. However, those previously promoted continue to be at JT rank until they are promoted to Corporal or leave the service.


Junior Technician is also a rank in the Pakistan Air Force, where it ranks between Corporal Technician and Senior Aircraftsman.

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