Jumpjet is a 2D side-scrolling shooter game for DOS, created by Monte Variakojis and released by Montsoft in 1990 as shareware. It is said to be a relative of the older game Defender. The player controls a little Harrier-like jet that can gain or lose altitude without moving side-to-side. The player fires missiles at his targets. There are four levels, each with a different objective. There is also two bonus levels that can be accessed with a high enough score in levels 1 and 3.

The core of the game was written in Assembly language, while the menu system was written in C. Due to changes in architecture, on newer computers (such as ones running Windows XP), a DOS emulator such as DOSBox is often necessary in order for the program to run correctly.

A version for the TI-89 graphing calculator has also been created by Paul Griffin, in TI-89 Assembly.

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