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Jumping All Over the World

Jumping All Over The World is the thirteenth studio album by German techno group Scooter, released in Germany in 2007. Five singles have been released from it: "The Question Is What Is The Question?", "And No Matches", "Jumping All Over The World", a remix of "I'm Lonely" and a new version of "Jump That Rock!" entitled "Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)" recorded with British rock group Status Quo. The album's original artwork features people performing Jumpstyle.

A revised version of the album was released in the UK in 2008, their first album release in that country since The Stadium Techno Experience in 2003. It entered the UK Albums Chart at number 1, replacing Madonna's album Hard Candy, and is their highest ever charting release there. On 30 May, 2008 it was certified Gold by the BPI and on 22 August, 2008 it was certified Platinum.

On 3 October, 2008 a new version of Jumping All Over The World was released, entitled Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want.

Track listing

  1. The Definition - 1:25
  2. Jumping All Over The World - 3:48
  3. The Question Is What Is The Question? - 3:46
  4. Enola Gay - 3:59
  5. Neverending Story - 3:52
  6. And No Matches - 3:31
  7. Cambodia - 5:23
  8. I'm Lonely - 4:02
  9. Whistling Dave - 3:39
  10. Marian (Version) - 4:55
  11. Lighten Up The Sky - 6:19
  12. The Hardcore Massive - 4:25

13. Jump That Rock! [UK only]- 3:50
13. The Greatest Difficulty [Except UK] - 0:20
14. The Greatest Difficulty [UK only] - 0:20

The UK edition of the album features one extra track, "Jump That Rock!" and the radio edit of "I'm Lonely" replacing the original.

Limited edition

A limited edition version of the album comes with a second CD which includes Scooter's 20 German top ten hits so far. This 2 CD version was released as standard in the UK, but with an alternative first track:

  1. "The Question Is What Is The Question?" [Headhunters Remix] / "Apache Rocks The Bottom" (UK Only)
  2. "One (Always Hardcore)"
  3. "Shake That!"
  4. "Jigga Jigga!"
  5. "Maria (I Like It Loud)"
  6. "The Night"
  7. "Weekend!"
  8. "Nessaja"
  9. "Ramp! (The Logical Song)"
  10. "Posse (I Need You On The Floor)"
  11. "Faster Harder Scooter"
  12. "How Much Is The Fish?"
  13. "Fire"
  14. "I'm Raving"
  15. "Rebel Yell"
  16. "Back in The U.K."
  17. "Endless Summer"
  18. "Friends"
  19. "Move Your Ass!"
  20. "Hyper Hyper"

Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want

An updated version of the album was released in October 2008, entitled Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want. The Limited Deluxe Edition contains two CDs and two DVDs, the Premium edition contains the two CDs and the live DVD, whilst the Standard Edition consists of only the two CDs. In the UK a 'Platinum Edition' will be released on November 3.

  • CD 1:

1. The Definition 2. Jumping All Over The World 3. The Question Is What Is The Question? 4. Enola Gay 5. Neverending Story 6. And No Matches 7. Cambodia 8. I`m Lonely 9. Whistling Dave 10. Marian (Version) 11. Lighten Up The Sky (New Version) 12. The Hardcore Massive 13. The Greatest Difficulty 14. Bloodhound Gang - weekend!(Bonus: Hands On Scooter) 15. K.I.Z. - Was kostet der Fisch? (How Much Is The Fish?)(Bonus: Hands On Scooter) 16. Sido - Beweg dein Arsch (Move Your Ass)(Bonus: Hands On Scooter) 17. Modeselektor feat. Otto von Schirach - Hyper Hyper (Bonus: Hands On Scooter) 18. Jan Delay & Moonbootica - I’m Raving (Bonus: Hands On Scooter) 19. Andreas Dorau - Aiii Shot The DJ (Bonus: Hands On Scooter) 20. Klostertaler - Friends (Bonus: Hands On Scooter)

  • CD 2:

1. Scooter vs. Status Quo - Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) 2. One (Always Hardcore) 3. Shake That! 4. Jigga Jigga! 5. Maria (I Like It Loud) 6. The Night 7. Weekend! 8. Nessaja 9. The Logical Song 10. Posse (I Need You On The Floor) 11. Faster Harder Scooter 12. How Much Is The Fish? 13. Fire 14. I’m Raving 15. Rebel Yell 16. Back in The U.K. 17. Endless Summer 18. Friends 19. Move Your Ass! 20. Hyper Hyper 21. Sheffield Jumpers - Jump With Me (Bonustrack)

1. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (DVD) 2. I'm Lonely (DVD) 3. Jumping All Over The World (DVD) 4. And No Matches (DVD) 5. The Question Is What Is The Question? (DVD) 6. Lass Uns Tanzen (DVD) 7. Behind The Cow (DVD) 8. Apache Rocks The Bottom! (DVD) 9. Hello! (Good To Be Back) (DVD) 10. Suavemente (DVD) 11. One (Always Hardcore) (DVD) 12. Shake That! (DVD) 13. Jigga Jigga! (DVD) 14. Maria (I Like It Loud) (DVD) 15. The Night (DVD) 16. Weekend! (DVD) 17. Nessaja (DVD) 18. The Logical Song (DVD) 19. Aiii Shot The DJ (DVD) 20. Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (DVD) 21. She’s The Sun (DVD) 22. I’m Your Pusher (DVD) 23. Fuck The Millennium (DVD) 24. Faster Harder Scooter (DVD) 25. Call Me Mañana (DVD) 26. I Was Made For Lovin’ You (DVD) 27. We Are The Greatest (DVD) 28. How Much Is The Fish? (DVD) 29. No Fate (DVD) 30. The Age Of Love (DVD) 31. Fire (DVD) 32. Break It Up (DVD) 33. I’m Raving (DVD) 34. Rebel Yell (DVD) 35. Let Me Be Your Valentine (DVD) 36. Back In The U.K. (DVD) 37. Endless Summer (DVD) 38. Friends (DVD) 39. Move Your Ass! (DVD) 40. Hyper Hyper (DVD)

The Limited Deluxe Edition also comes with a T-shirt and autographed photo.


Chart Peak
Austria (Media Control) 40
Czech Republic (IFPI) 29
Germany (Media Control) 14
Ireland (IRMA) 3
Switzerland (Media Control) 98
United Kingdom (Official UK Charts Company) 1
World (Media Traffic) 19


Three men in a boat

Through the track 'And No Matches', H.P. Baxxter imposes a question: "Three men in a boat, with four cigarettes, and no matches. How do they manage to smoke?". The question was first imposed by The Riddler (a character in Batman) in episode 1-01.

The answer: They throw one cigarette overboard and made the boat a cigarette lighter


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