Jumble sale

Jumble sale

A Jumble sale or rummage sale is a event at which second hand goods are sold, usually by an institution such as a local Scout Group or church, as a fundraising or charitable effort. A rummage sale by a church is called a church sale.

United Kingdom

Managers will usually ask local people to donate goods, which are set out on tables in the same manner as car boot sales, and sold to members of the general public, who have paid a fee to enter the sale. Typically in the UK the entry fee is somewhere between 50p and ₤1.50. (Rummage sales in the United States generally do not charge an entrance fee, but may place a small jar near the cash register to collect additional donations.)

One of the largest Jumble Sales in the UK is run annually by 1st Northwood Scout group in mid-May, attracting around 1,000 members of the general public.

Jumble Sales are becoming less prevalent in the UK, as car boot sales and the World Wide Web enable people to sell their unwanted goods rather than donate them to charity.

United States

Rummage sales in the US are frequently held by individuals before or after moving, or when doing extensive house cleaning. Rummage sales in urban areas are often held on sidewalks in front of residential apartment buildings, while in suburban areas are usually held in garages or sometimes entire suburban blocks participate (a block sale).


In Australia and the United States, the phrase 'white elephant sale' is sometimes used as a synonym of jumble sale.

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