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Julian, also spelt Julien, is a common given name in Britain, Ireland, France (as Julien) and elsewhere in Europe, mostly to males but also to females. The name is also used for the Julian calendar introduced by Julius Caesar. It comes from the same root as Julius and thus ultimately shares the Latin element related to the meaning "sky", as in the names Jove and Jupiter.

Julian was traditionally a man's name. As more and more women use men's names, some families have taken it as a female name, possibly due to the influence of the French feminine form, Julienne.

Some variations of the name are: Julien, Julyan, Julius, Jules, Jule, Julio, Giulo, Joles, Julas, Julean, Juliaan, Julianne, Julion, Julyin, Julyon, Juliano, Julen, Juliene, Julienn, Julienne, Jullien, Jullin, Julyen, Julio, Juleo, Juliyo, Julyo, Julias, Julious, Juliusz, Jullius, Juluis and Gillian.


Notable people named Julien/Julian include:





Other uses

  • Julian (historical novel), 1964 novel by Gore Vidal, about the Roman Emperor Julian the Apostate
  • Julien Inc., a stainless steel fabrication company
  • Count Julian, a modern novel by Juan Goytisolo
  • The Julien, a French maker of small cyclecars 1925 - 1926, based in Blois.
  • The Julien, a Paris based very small chain driven automobiles 1946 - 1949. Their final model was the cheapest car on the Swiss market in 1949.



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