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Veto Ali

Sierra Rena Thornton (born July 15, 1984 in East Los Angeles, California, USA), best known by the stage name Veto Ali, is an American rapper, songwriter, actor, record and executive producer as well as the Co-CEO of Paid Dues Music Group. Veto Ali is also the leader of the Mid-West rap group S.S.P.B.

In 2006, she launched her own production company called Paid Dues Ent., signed a multi-artist joint venture deal for her label and established a music publishing deal for Paid Dues Music Group.

According to Veto Ali herself, she has a clothing line; Urban Royale Couture launching later in 2007.


Veto Ali grew up in the East Los Angeles neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, born to Johnetta Pinckney and Ondra Thornton. She had one older sibling, Roy Blackman Jr.(died: May 92007). Her original stage name, Katalyst, stems from a biology class from high school. Veto Ali was first exposed to hip-hop at the age of seven, and by the time she was 11 she had decided to pursue a career in rap seriously, she wrote her first commercially released song at age 19. She is also known to be a member of the Chicago street-gang BlackStones (or Black. P.Stone. Nation, B.P.S.N,BlackStone Rangers) She is also known to go by "VA" and the self-proclaimed "Queen Of Rap" (which has created several cases of controversy between other female rappers, such as Ms.Jade and Ms.Toi).

Veto Ali is known for her laid-back approach to lyrics; there were also some noticeable changes in the way she flowed throughout her career. Earlier in his career she flowed in a rapid-fire, Mid-West fashion which can be heard in earlier unreleased songs. In the second era of her career, she sounded more relaxed and laid back. Later on in her career her flow went from a slow and drowsy effect to a faster flow which can be heard in her newer material. Veto's flow continues to change throughout every song she appears on, illustrating her control and expertise at being able to adapt to any beat that is presented to her.

Music career

Kiss The Girls

Her debut mixtape Kiss The Girls was released through Illa Noyze Inc., which spawned the single "Hey Girl". Her debut mixtape included Mz.Capone of S.S.P.B,Murrda Ace and Domo Saprano. Production by L-One, XV, and Joker Productionz. However, the mixtape did not sell very well in the first few months of release, and Veto began to shop it around to local stores.

Veto Ali released the first single "Hey Girl". The single had little airplay and failed to meet the charts. No labels would back Veto Ali on the single, so Veto Ali created a video for "Hey Girl", which had not had a video nor single released.

She released several mixtapes with the assistance of DJ A-Style, which created an underground buzz. She resurfaced in the summer of 2007 on an unofficial remix to Plie's song "Shawty". She parlayed this attention towards the release of her second mixtape, Strangers with Candy. Undaunted, she formed Paid Dues Music Group. in 2006 with her friend and labelmate Murrda Ace. Veto Ali and Ace decided to create the label shortly after being ignored by major labels.

Strangers with Candy

Veto Ali released Strangers with Candy in the summer of 2007 and it sold an outstanding number of copies in its first week It was more of a success than his debut mixtape because of the singles "My Shawty", "I Know What To Do", "A Song For Roy", and "Let's Rock". The mixtape featured guest appearances by Murrda Ace, XV, G-Ball Da GodFather, & J-Hood and producers include DaBeatSmith, L-One, BreakThru Ent., & DJ A-Style. The success of the mixtape was followed by some controversy: while at home, Veto Ali was charged with violating her probation over a 2005 gun charge, and turned herself in. She was sentenced to three months in prison. While there she was granted rights to record music.

Veto Ali released Let's Rock as the first single. It had been played in local clubs and bars throughout the Chicago area, as well as local benefits and concerts.

"I Know What To Do" was chosen as the second single, the single wasn't successful as the first single.

A Song For Roy was chosen at Strangers with Candy's third single. The single was her second successful single from the release. It garnered radio play in Chicago and Indiana.

Veto Ali released her last single from Strangers with Candy, "My Shawty". It quickly began a staple on Myspace pages, and is the quickest selling ringtone by an unsigned artist to date.

Chicago Hope

Veto Ali will release her debut album Chicago Hope in late 2008.


Veto Ali has been working on other peoples' records. On the music front, she has been a ghost writer for Teedra Moses's upcoming album. She's been juicing up her game, making hits for artists like Omarion, Amerie, Ashanti, Nicole Wray, Yummy Bingham, and herself

Personal life


Veto has been dating her high school sweetheart for almost six years. She has a seven year old son named Alexander Scott Portis by a young man in Chicago as well.


In early 1996, Veto Ali was behind bars in Chicago for drug-traffiking at the tender age of twelve. The charge stems from a November 1995 arrest and subsequent conviction for distribution of cocaine, manufacturing and distributing a controlled substance, and giving authorities a false name, according to a sheriff's department spokesperson.

She served a sentence of unknown length and was released early on probation. It is not clear what she did to violate the terms of her release, but it is the second time she's been accused of doing so. A county judge could revoke the terms of her probation and reinstate her original sentence.

Veto Ali was on probation stemming from a 1998 conviction for violating a state controlled substances act and for giving false information. After being released on probation, she earned a litany of probation violations in several counties around Illinois for offenses ranging from possession of a firearm to possession of marijuana.

Death of Veto Ali's Older Brother

In the early hours of May 9, 2007, Veto Ali and her mother were at home in Chicago, when at about 1 A.M the phone rang. The number was from the hospital her brother was at after suffering a stroke. Veto went upstairs to check on her mother, who opened the door screaming and crying that her brother had another stroke. Fifteen minutes later, the phone rang again, Roy wasn't making it. Veto and her mother rushed to the nearby hospital, and got the news that Roy's heartbeat was faint and he had no pulse. Veto's mother signed a Do Not Resesitate order. And in minutes, Roy had died.



Hit singles

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