Popper may refer to:

  • Popper, a person dancing in a certain street/funk style
  • Poppers, the family of drugs that are a subset of a class of chemicals known as alkyl nitrites
  • Popper, a floating fishing lure or fly with a cupped or flat, forward-crap indentation that flies or "pops" the surface of the water when tugged
  • Popper, a ball that rises sharply from the pitch when bowled ('pops up') in cricket
  • Popper buttons, another term for "press studs"
  • Party popper, a small 'toy' filled with confetti streamers and a small explosive charge to release them
  • Air popper, a type of popcorn maker


Popper is derived from the surname Frankfurter. Most are from the Czech Jewish family:

Poppers as a family name:


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