Jolly Jumper

Jolly Jumper is a fictional horse character in the Franco-Belgian comics series Lucky Luke, created by Belgian artist Morris. Described as "the smartest horse in the world" and able to perform tasks such as chess-playing and tightrope walking, Jolly Jumper accompanies his master in their travels across the Wild West, quipping comments to the reader.

Publication history

Jolly Jumper first appeared along with Lucky Luke in the story Arizona 1880, published in the Almanach issue of the comics magazine Le Journal de Spirou on December 7, 1946.


Jolly Jumper is a white horse with a brownish spot on his left side. He dislikes dogs, as seen in Sur la piste des Daltons where he continuously directs mean comments to the unintelligent prison-dog Rantanplan. Extraordinarily apt and anthropomorphic the character is very resourceful in adventure and crises, and mischievous as in Le Bandit Manchot, when he beats Lucky Luke in a dice game, winning the role-reversal to be carried on Lucky Luke's back.

Jolly Jumper also serves as the ironic yet smart voice talking from the series' background.



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