Joker's Wild (band)

Joker's Wild was a mid-1960s Blues-rock band from Cambridge, England.

The lineup included guitarist David Gilmour, who went on to join Pink Floyd.

Their only releases were a privately-pressed, single-sided LP and single, of which only 50 copies each were made. A tape recording of the LP is held by the British Library's National Sound Archive.

Together with Jonathan King (producer) they recorded what was to be the UK cover of Sam and Dave's 'Hold On, I'm Coming' but the original was released in the UK so Jokers Wild's version never saw the light.

Band Members

David Altham - guitars, keyboards, vocals,
David Gilmour - Guitar, vocals, Harmonica, (left in 1966)
John Gordon - Rhythm Guitar, vocals, BVA
Dick Parry - Saxophone, Trumpet
Tony Sainty - Bass Guitar, percussion, vocals (left in 1966)
Clive Welham - Drums, vocals (to mid 1966)
Peter Gilmour - Bass Guitar, vocals (early 1966 onwards)
Willie Wilson - Drums (mid 1966 onwards)
Rick Wills - (bass guitar) (replacing Tony Sainty)

Wills later played with Foreigner and Bad Company. Both he and Wilson played on David Gilmour's eponymous first solo album; Parry played on several Pink Floyd records and tours and had a career as a session musician.


Five of Joker's Wild's songs featuring David Gilmour ended up on Disc 15 of the Pink Floyd bootleg collection A Treeful of Secrets. These five songs are:
"Why Do Fools Fall in Love"
"Walk Like a Man"
"Don't Ask Me (What I Say)"
"Big Girls Don't Cry"
"Beautiful Delilah"

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