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Milt Kahl

Milton Erwin Kahl (born March 22, 1909, in San Francisco, California, USA; died April 19, 1987, in Mill Valley, California, USA, of pneumonia) was an animator for the Disney studio, and one of Disney's so-called Nine Old Men.

Kahl is often considered the finest draughtsman of the Disney animators. He would often refine the characters sketches from Bill Peet with the ideas of Ken Anderson. For many years the final look for the characters in the Disney films were designed by Kahl, in his angular style inspired by Ronald Searle and Picasso. He is revered by contemporary masters of the form, such as Andreas Deja, and Brad Bird.

In the book The Animator's Survival Kit the author Richard Williams makes repeated reference and anecdotes relating to Kahl.

Characters animated by Kahl

Seven Dwarfs: Forest Animals, The Prince, the dwarfs dancing with Snow White

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