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John Hans Makeléer

John Hans Makeléer, Iain Dubh Baronet (1604 – July 7, 1666) aka John MacLean, Iain Dubh Baronet (also known as Hans Macklier or Johan Macklier in Sweden) was a Scottish Naval Officer and merchant in Gothenburg, Sweden. He was raised to nobility in May of 1649 with the title "Iain Dubh Baronet".


John was born in 1604 in Duart, Mull, Argyll, Scotland. He was the son of Hector MacLean, Fifth Lord of Duart and Isabella Atcheson of Gosford. His father is also listed as "Hector MacLean, fifth Baron of Duart". is also listed Isabella was the daughter of Archibald Atcheson of Gosford. John's siblings were: Donald MacLean, 1st Laird of Brolas who married Florence MacLean, his cousin; and Isabelle MacLean. John MacLean then became an officer in the Royal Navy.

Emigration and marriage

He emigrated to Gothenburg, Sweden, where he had an uncle that worked as a merchant. He changed his name to John Hans Makeléer, and worked as a merchant in 1629. He married Anna Gubbertz (c.1595-1653) in 1629 in Gothenburg. Anna's sister was married to one of John's relatives, Jacob Makeléer (Jacob Macklier). They had fifteen children, with ten surviving to adulthood. They include:

  • John Makeléer, Göteburg Court of Justice
  • Carl Leonard Makeléer (1633-1663)
  • Catharina Makeléer (1637-1709)
  • Anna Makeléer (1638-1646)
  • Lunetta Makeléer (1639-1693) who married Joakim Cronman (c.1630-1703), a soldier who died in the Battle of Neumünde in Latvia during the Great Northern War.
  • Maria Sophia Makeléer (1640-1721)
  • Gustaf Adolf Makeléer (1641-1706) who was a Captain in the Swedish Army who married Sara Carlberg (1647-1701)
  • Elsa Beata Makeléer (1643-1730)
  • David Makeléer (1645-1708) who was the first governor of Älvsborg County, Sweden from 1693 to 1708

Iain Dubh Baronet

In May of 1649 John received the title Iain Dubh ("Black John") Baronet, signifying his descent from the 3rd Clan Chief, Iain Dubh MacGillemore ("Black John, son of Gilmore i.e. servant or votary of Mary") Maclean. After his wife, Anna Gubbertz died, John married Lilis Hamilton and after her death he married Anna Thompson.

Jonas Berg and Bo Lagercrantz write:

On November 15, 1649, James Graham, 5th Earl of Montrose, arrived in Gothenburg from Copenhagen, and stayed with a Scottish merchant, James Maclean, who had been raised to the nobility in May of 1649, under the name Makeléer. Maclean, or Makeléer had been an officer in the British Royal Navy before settling in Gothenburg in 1629. He had always been a warm supporter of the House of Stuart.

Second marriage

On December 30, 1655, he married Lilian Hamilton.


He died in 1666.


  • 1604 Birth in Scotland
  • 1629 Emigration to Sweden at age 25
  • 1629 Marriage to Anna Gubbertz
  • 1633 Birth of Carl Leonard Makeléer
  • 1635 (circa) Birth of David Makeléer
  • 1637 Birth of Catharina Makeléer
  • 1638 Birth of Anna Makeléer
  • 1639 Birth of Lunetta Makeléer
  • 1641 Birth of Gustaf Adolf Makeléer
  • 1643 Birth of Elsa Beata Makeléer
  • 1649 Received the title "Iain Dubh Baronet" in May
  • 1649 Visit of James Graham
  • 1653 Death of first wife, Anna Gubbertz
  • 1655 Married second wife, Lilian Hamilton
  • 1666 Death in Sweden


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&Wilhelm, Wilhelm Genealogiska Anteckningar om Göteborgs slakter.

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