Pierre Cartier (jeweler)

Pierre Cartier (1878 - October 27, 1964) was a jeweler. He was one of three sons of Alfred Cartier and the brother of Jacques Cartier and Louis Cartier. Pierre's grandfather, Louis-Francois Cartier had taken over the jewellery workshop of his teacher Adolphe Picard, in 1847, thereby founding the famous Cartier jewellery company.

In 1902, Pierre opened and began to manage the London Cartier store and in 1906, he opened the New York store, moving it in 1917 to the current location of 653 Fifth Avenue, the neo-Renaissance mansion of banker Morton Plant.

After the death of his brothers in 1942, Pierre based his shop in Paris until he retired to Geneva in 1947.

Pierre was one-time owner of the Hope Diamond, selling it in 1911 to Evalyn Walsh McLean.

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