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John Garcia (singer)

John Garcia (born in San Manuel, Arizona, September 4, 1970) is a vocalist who has been a member of Kyuss, Slo Burn, Unida and Hermano. His vocals have become synonymous with modern stoner rock and the desert rock sound.


While still in high school, Garcia helped founding Kyuss (originally known as Sons of Kyuss) in 1989 with guitarist Josh Homme. The band produced five albums in total, all of which featured Garcia on vocals. In October of 1995, just three months after releasing their final album ...And the Circus Leaves Town, Kyuss broke up. Their last recording was a 10" vinyl on the now defunct label Man's Ruin Records, which was later re-released on a split CD with Homme's soon to be famous project Queens of the Stone Age. The band has been on an indefinite hiatus ever since.

Life after Kyuss

In 1996 he joined stoner rock band Slo Burn. Their EP, Amusing the Amazing, was greatly appreciated by Kyuss fans, who found in it the sludgy Kyuss sound, larger than life guitar riffs and Garcia's characteristic vocals. The band played at Ozzfest in 1997. This, however, did not last long, with the aforementioned EP being the band's only release.

After Slo Burn's break up, Garcia formed Unida which at one stage included Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder. They released one album and a split EP with the Swedish group Dozer. Unida then got signed to Rick Rubin's label, American Records, and recorded a second album, which got shelved due to company partner, Island/Def Jam, not seeing any potential in the album. The band has since then been on an indefinite hiatus. The band made copies of this available to fans on their tour. The title of the CD is El Coyote, and has alternatively been known as "The Great Divide."

In 1998, he joined Hermano, a side-project for a number of "stoner" musicians.

In 1999, Garcia collaborated with Swedish all-female stoner band Misdemeanor on "Love Song", the fourth track of their EP, Five Wheel Drive.

In 2002, he contributed vocals to two tracks on UK stoner band Orange Goblin's album Coup De Grace, "Made of Rats" and "Jesus Beater".

In late 2003, he recorded vocals for the song "Born Too Slow" by The Crystal Method. The song became the lead single of Legion of Boom. The song did moderately well in terms of radio airplay and is highly popular among fans of The Crystal Method, particularly because of the howling vocals Garcia laid down on the track. Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland played guitar on the song. He has only performed the song live a few times with The Crystal Method.

On December 20, 2005, Garcia would finally team up with Homme again by making a guest appearance onstage with Queens of the Stone Age during the encore of their set at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, California. They performed three Kyuss songs together: "Thumb", "Hurricane" and "Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop".

In 2006 Garcia collaborated with Canadian rockers Danko Jones on their third album, Sleep Is the Enemy, on the track "Invisible". In 2008 Garcia collaborated with Danko Jones once more for their album Never Too Loud. Garcia can be heard on the track "Forest for the Trees" together with Pete Stahl (Scream, Wool, Goatsnake)). Garcia is working on a solo project (under the monicker "Garcia Vs Garcia", which is slated for September 2008 release.

In 2008, John Garcia collaborated with Belgian band Arsenal on their album Lotuk. He delivered lyrics and vocals for two tracks, "Not a Man" and "Diggin' a Hole". The band members of Arsenal also shot a documentary about some of the collaborators on this album. For this they filmed Garcia driving around in his hometown.



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