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The Final Curtain

The Final Curtain is a compilation album and DVD by the Pompano Beach, Florida rock band Further Seems Forever, released in 2007 by 567 Records. The album includes the band's final live performance recorded on June 17, 2006 at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia, as well as several rare and previously unreleased songs. The DVD contains video of the final performance, a band interview, photo gallery, and behind the scenes footage.

The album's bonus tracks comprise both the most recent and earliest eras of the band. Tracks 12-15 are outtakes from the band's 2004 album Hide Nothing, recorded with lead singer Jon Bunch. "Pagan Poetry" is a previously unreleased cover of a song by Björk, while the acoustic tracks were originally released as bonus tracks on Best Buy versions of the album. Tracks 16-20 comprise the band's earliest recordings from 1999, when Chris Carrabba was the group's lead singer. These are the complete recording sessions for the band's debut EP From the 27th State, on which these versions of "The Bradley" and "New Year's Project" appeared along with an alternate version of "Justice Prevails." The versions of "Just Until Sundown," "Justice Prevails," and "Pictures of Shorelines" included on this compilation are previously unreleased.

Track listing

  1. "Hide Nothing" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 3:23
  2. "The Moon is Down" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 3:11
  3. "The Sound" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Gleason) - 3:41
  4. "Like Someone You Know" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 3:13
  5. "New Year's Project" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 4:04
  6. "Light Up Ahead" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 3:22
  7. "The Bradley" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 3:04
  8. "Make it a Part/All Rise" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 6:25
  9. "Bleed" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 2:59
  10. "For All We Know" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 2:46
  11. "Wearing Thin" (live) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 4:25
  12. "Pagan Poetry" (written and originally performed by Björk) - 5:08
  13. "Bleed" (acoustic) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 3:24
  14. "Light Up Ahead" (acoustic) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 3:05
  15. "Make it a Part/All Rise" (acoustic) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Cordoba/Bunch) - 4:17
  16. "Just Until Sundown" (demo) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 3:12
  17. "Justice Prevails" (demo) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 4:40
  18. "New Year's Project" (demo) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 4:01
  19. "Pictures of Shorelines" (demo) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 2:55
  20. "The Bradley" (demo) (Colbert/Neptune/Kleisath/Dominguez/Carrabba) - 3:01

*Some track titles are misspelled or mislabeled on the album sleeve. For example, "Like Someone You Know" is listed as "Someone You Know," "Light Up Ahead" as "Light Up," and "Pictures of Shorelines" as "Pictures of a Shoreline."


  • Jon Bunch - vocals (tracks 1-11, 13-15)
  • Jason Gleason - vocals (track 12)
  • Chris Carrabba - vocals (tracks 16-20)
  • Josh Colbert - guitar
  • Derick Cordoba - guitar (tracks 1-15)
  • Nick Dominguez - guitar (tracks 16-20)
  • Chad Neptune - bass
  • Steve Kleisath - drums

Album information

  • Record label: 567 Records
  • All songs written by Further Seems Forever except "Pagan Poetry" by Björk.
  • Tracks 1-11 recorded live June 17, 2006 at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia. Produced by Bruce Fitzhugh and Michael Lewis. Mixed by Jeremian Scott.
  • Tracks 12-15 produced, engineered, and recorded by James Paul Wisner at Wisner Productions in 2004. Drums recorded at Landmark Studios. Mixed by James Paul Wisner at The Sound Kitchen.
  • Tracks 16-20 recorded in 1999 by James Wisner at Wisner Productions. Drums recorded at Cathouse Studios by Mark Loren.

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