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Jeffrey's is a real clothing store based in NY and Atlanta, ultra-trendy, used as the setting for a series of sketches on the American television show Saturday Night Live. In the sketch, Jeffrey's employees would make snide comments to customers about their clothing, their lack of style, and their inability to keep up with the store's current cutting-edge tastes. The sketch had three recurring characters: Jeffrey's clerk played by Jimmy Fallon, Jeffrey's supervisor played by Will Ferrell, and a Jeffrey's shopper played by Horatio Sanz.

The sketches generally follow the same format. Jimmy Fallon and various guest hosts play the elitist store clerks at the store who insult and shun their customers. They never sell anything, preferring instead to keep unhip outsiders away from their trendy store. They frequently congratulate themselves for running off customers and give each other "air fives". When a customer persists, they find different ways to deter them, such as constructing imaginary "invisi-squares" around themselves with their fingers. Horatio Sanz plays a repeat customer who wears out-dated clothing and attempts to inquire about some unfashionable merchandise, to which the clerks simultaneously answer "no" before he ever finishes (cutting him off earlier and earlier each time he asks). "The boss" (Will Ferrell), another snobbish hipster, arrives towards the end of the sketch on a mobility scooter, and always has some pressing issue that needs to be addressed, via an incredibly small cell phone (which gets smaller with each appearance, until the last one, in which he pulls out a large, old-fashioned cell phone, announcing that "big is the new small"). The three always have some kind of trendy party to rush off to, for which they already have their designer bags packed.

This is another sketch known for the actors' inability to stay in character due to their succumbing to laughter (similar to "Debbie Downer" and "The Lovers").

The actual store (officially entitled "Jeffrey New York") is located at 449 W 14th St., New York, New York.

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