, or is the deity in the folklore of Nagano Prefecture, Japan. It is said to have appeared in response to the echoing sound when the door to the rock of cave was torn off and flung down to earth. The door became Mount Togakushi, and Kuzuryū became a nearby mountain of the same name.

Hakone Kuzuryu Legend

Nine-headed dragon settled in the pond, and the sacrifice was always requested in the age that was called Ashino-ko Lake Mangeike at the Nara era. The daughter in the house from which a white arrow had stood to quieten the anger was dedicated to the villager as a sacrifice. It is cursed by the high priest Mankan (万巻上人), and this Kuzuryu is said that it tied to an opposite Japan cedar with the chain. This legend was enshrined and Kuzuryu large gracious deity was enshrined in the origin. "Choose" is originally a word that such how to use it is done like this. The high priest Mankan who saw it changes into dragon king after it reforms and says that it sets up nine dragon king companies and enshrined the dragon. It changed into manners from which not the human sacrifice after that but the steamed rice with red beans was sunk in Ashino-ko Lake.

In the Buddhism

The Kuzuryu is originally Vasuki in the Buddhism. Varski is identified to Shesha. Shasha is Nagaraja that appears in an Indian myth, and it is 1 of 1000 that arose between Kashyapa and Kadru Nāga. It is assumed that Yama is defended. The appearance is made a huge snake that has 1000 heads, and another, earrings, the crown, and the corolla that is attached to each one of 1000 heads of the sign of the swastika are acquired.

When spreading to China because of the Buddhism spread, it became dragon king(竜王)and it became one god's Kuzuryu. Dragon become gods the defense of the Buddhism and Shintoism. Dragon king is a belief of esoteric Buddhism. The dragon assumes the god who rules praying for rain in nine esoteric Buddhism from which the this world profit is strongly requested and the belief is completed.

In popular culture

A crazed villain in a Zatoichi movie refers to his pistol as "Kuzuryū".

Especially, sacrifice was always requested legend of Hakone influences the game Okami. It seems that it was taken to choose from not the Yamata no Orochi legend but Kuzuryu.

In the popular manga series Rurouni Kenshin, one of the techniques incorporated in the fabled Hiten Mitsurugi style is the Kuzu-ryūsen (Nine-headed Dragon Strike).

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