Janus may refer to:

  • Janus (mythology), the two-faced Roman god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, and endings.
  • Janus (moon), a moon of Saturn.
  • Janus Patera, a shallow volcanic crater on Io, a moon of Jupiter.
  • Janus (simulation), a military combat simulation first developed in the late 1970s by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Combat Simulation Laboratory.
  • Society of Janus, a San Francisco based BDSM education and support group.
  • Janus Capital Group, an investment company based in Denver, Colorado.
  • Zündapp Janus, a bubble car model by Zündapp.
  • a Janus word, or auto-antonym: a word with two opposite meanings.
  • Janus (TV series), A television series created by the Australian Broadcasting Commission with two story lines: the criminal family being prosecuted and the police/judicial process.
  • Schempp-Hirth Janus, a two-seater glider.
  • HMS Janus, a name used by British naval ships.



Film and music

  • Janus Films, an American film distribution company.
  • Janus Records, a record label.
  • Janus (band), an orchestral darkwave group.
  • Janus, the criminal organization in the James Bond movie GoldenEye.
  • The Janus Project, a taboo cloning project in the movie Judge Dredd.
  • "Janus", a song from the album Out and About with the Gone Jackals by hard rock group The Gone Jackals.
  • "Janus" appears on the CD Inner Journeys: Myth + Legends by Cusco

Literature and comics

  • Janus: A Summing Up, a book by Arthur Koestler.
  • Janus (comics), a superhero in the DC Comics universe.
  • Janus (Marvel Comics), a superhero in the Marvel Comics universe and an enemy of Marvel Comics' Dracula.
  • The Janus Directive, a DC Comics crossover.
  • Janus (Stargate), an "Ancient" scientist in the TV series Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1.
  • Janus (Angels and Demons), the antagonist in the novel Angels and Demons.
  • Janus, a French poetry magazine published in Paris by Elliott Stein from 1950 to 1961.
  • Janus Publishing, a British publishing company known for publishing the work of previously unpublished authors.
  • Janus, a short story by Ann Beattie.


Games and gaming



  • Janus-faced molecule, used to describe a molecule whose effects on organisms can vary between beneficial and toxic.
  • Janus Experiments, a series of experiments on radio-sensitivity in mice and dogs.

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