Operation Buster-Jangle

Operation Buster-Jangle was a series of seven (six atmospheric, one underground) nuclear weapons tests conducted by the United States in late 1951 at the Nevada Test Site. Buster-Jangle was the first joint test program between the DOD and Los Alamos National Laboratories. 6,500 troops were involved in the Desert Rock I, II, and III exercises in conjunction with the tests. The last two tests evaluated the cratering effects of low-yield nuclear devices. This series preceded Operation Tumbler-Snapper and followed Operation Greenhouse.

Buster-Jangle Test Blasts
Test Name Date Location Yield Note

AbleOctober 22, 1951Nevada Test Site"less than one kilogram"tower shot; fizzle; nuclear reaction occurred but nuclear yield smaller than yield of compression charges
BakerOctober 28, 1951 Nevada Test Site3.5 kilotonsB-50 airdrop
CharlieOctober 30, 1951 Nevada Test Site14 kilotonsB-50 airdrop
DogNovember 1, 1951Nevada Test Site21 kilotonsB-50 airdrop
EasyNovember 5, 1951 Nevada Test Site31 kilotonsB-45 airdrop
SugarNovember 19, 1951 Nevada Test Site1.2 kilotonssurface burst
UncleNovember 29, 1951 Nevada Test Site1.2 kilotonssub-surface burst (-17 feet)

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