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Jake is a modern, shortened form of the male name Jacob.

Individuals named Jake include:

Fictional characters named Jake include:

Jake may also refer to:

  • "The Jake," the former nickname of the Major League Baseball stadium once known as Jacobs Field, now Progressive Field
  • Jake brake, a particular brand of engine brake
  • Jake, a slang term in the United States for Jamaican ginger extract.
  • Jake leg, Jake walk; partial paralysis of the limbs, caused by an adulterant, tricresyl phosphate added to Jamaican ginger during Prohibition
  • Jake, a slang term in Scotland for someone uncouth
  • Jake, a slang term of high praise for a fireman or a police officer
  • Jake, a slang term used in Discordianism to describe a prank, often celebrated on Jake Day
  • Jake / Bot2, one of the ROVs used during the filming of the documentary Ghosts of the Abyss
  • Jake, jazz era slang meaning "great", as in "everything's jake" or "it's all jake."
  • Jake, baseball slang meaning a lazy player or a half-hearted effort, i.e. "He jaked that play."
  • Jake the Alligator Man, an oddity on view in Long Beach, Washington
  • Less Than Jake, a ska punk band
  • Jake, a slang term in England for rough cider
  • The Japanese World War 2 reconnaissance floatplane, the Aichi E13A, Allied reporting name "Jake"

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