Brain Stew/Jaded

"Brain Stew"/"Jaded" are the third and fourth singles from Green Day's 1995 album Insomniac released in 1996. The two songs are transitional: "Brain Stew" ending and moving right into "Jaded" without the music stopping. They are tracks 10 and 11 on the album Insomniac, and International Superhits. Due to the transition they were put out together as one single. The combination of the two became an alternative-rock radio staple.

Track listing

  1. "Brain Stew/Jaded" - 4:44
  2. "Do Da Da" - 1:30
  3. "Good Riddance" (Early Demo) - 2:01
  4. "Brain Stew" (Clean Radio Faded Ending) - 3:12

Other versions

"Brain Stew"


  • A live version found on Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking. (recorded March 26, 1996 at Sporthalle, Prague, Czech Republic)

Music videos

The "Brain Stew/Jaded" single was accompanied by a visually striking video which received heavy airplay on MTV which was split into two different halves that contrasted visual:

Brain Stew Music Video

The music video for "Brain Stew" is all in sepia for the "Brain Stew" part and shows the band lying on a couch being pulled through a landfill by a bulldozer. Several strange things appear, such as Hawaiian Hula dancers and an old lady with a chalkboard (both in the construction site). The video is meant to depict the effects insomnia has on the brain (for example, the hallucinations, in which Billie Joe admits to being high during the filming to give the correct feel to the video.).

Jaded Music Video

When the song transitions into "Jaded", the color comes back and shows the band playing the song in a fast-cut, wobbly-camera style. This video project was directed by Kevin Kerslake, who had previously directed videos for Nirvana, and would go on to make videos for Rise Against.


Chart positions

Year Single Chart Position
1996 Brain Stew/Jaded Modern Rock Tracks (US) No. 3
1996 Brain Stew/Jaded Mainstream Rock Tracks (US) No. 8
1996 Brain Stew/Jaded Official UK Singles Chart No. 28

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