Jac (Zsákfalva) is a village in Sălaj County, Romania, in the historic region of Transylvania, with a population around 700 people (100% Romanians).


The village lies between the Meseş Mountains to the west, Creaca village to the north, Brusturi village to the east, and Romita village to the south. Jac is a part of Creaca commune, along with other 8 villages: Brusturi, Creaca, Brebi, Viile Jacului, Prodanesti, Borza, Lupoaia, and Ciglean. It is about 22km from the county capital, Zalău, and 15km from Jibou.


In the 1st century AD, Porolissum, an ancient Roman city in Dacia was built on the western part of the village. The city was the most north-eastern outpost of the Roman Empire, and garrisoned 5,000 auxiliary soldiers transferred from Spain, Gaul, and Britain.

The earliest known appearance in old documents was in 1499, when a Hungarian baron mentioned Szackfala village (Jac) in property papers. It was part of Kingdom of Hungary, Habsburg Empire, Austria-Hungary and since 1918, after World War I, part of modern Romania. In August 1940, following the second Vienna Award the village become a part of Hungary, but after the Paris Peace Treaties of 1947, at the end of the World War II, the territory was returned to Romania.

The Orthodox Church was built around 1759 and it still has its original wooden walls and roof.


As of the 2002 census, there were 700 people residing in Jac. The ethnic makeup of the city was 100% Romanians.

Religious beliefs:


There is a primary school (grades 1 to 8) in Jac and a kindergarten as well. 100 young people study here during school time. In 2007 the school was renovated and had installed an active Internet connection. The students who graduate after 8'th grade continue studying in Zalau or Jibou high schools


The main occupations involve the farms around the village. Most of the men are gone to work in other European Union countries (Spain, Italy, France, etc). The ones who are still in Jac work in Zalău, making the commute between Zalău and Jac. In the communist era, the people were working mostly in Zalău and in Jac Farm. There was also a mine there, but it became exhausted before 1960.

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