Metapán is a municipality in the Santa Ana department of El Salvador. The city of Metapan, next to the San Jose River, at 470 meters of height, is located at 46 kilometers to the north of Santa Ana city, joined together by a paved highway.

Metapan means in nahuat “River of maguey” and is famous for possessing the best colonial church in El Salvador. The church has the following dimensions: 60 yards long by 14 wide, of entablature and tile, Doric and Tuscan order. Its construction began in 1736 and concluded on June 11th, 1743, due to the zeal and compassionate efficiency of the priest Francisco Javier Estrada.

In the center of the round of the choir it is read: “this building of Metapan was finished in June of 1743”, with blue blurred letters. There is also an image of “El Señor Angue”, a beautiful sculpture of Crucified Christ that dates back to the XVII century.

Church San Pedro De Metapán

Negra Alvarez was born April 23rd, 1948. Her true name is Margarita Alvarez de Martinez. She is a national and contemporaneous painter and sculptress. She pioneered in ceramic and wood. She carves tree trunks or logs. Among her creations is the Mexican painter's portrait Frieda Khalo. She was one of the promoters for the creation of the “Museum of the 44” in Santa Ana.

Miguel Andino was born in Santa Ana on April 18th, 1892 and died in San Salvador on April 7th, 1958. Besides being a writer and a journalist, he was a politician. He was founding member of the Ateneo de El Salvador and director of the newspaper La Prensa, Diario de Occidente, and of the newspaper El Espectador.

Corina Bruni was born in the city of Congo on February 28th, 1933. She is prose and poetry writer. She has produced games, fables, legends, riddles, and theater. She worked as a volunteer at the hospital Benjamin Bloom and of the Caridad San Vicente de Paul.

Among her published works are: Auroras y ocaso, Prisionera en el planeta, Pompas de jabón, and Amen.

Salvador Castaneda Castro was born in Chalchuapa on August 6th, 1888 and died in San Salvador on March 5th, 1965. Among the public positions he worked as are: Director of the Military School, Minister of the interior, Minister of Governance, and President of El Salvador. His government was imposed by Osmin Aguirre Salinas and it was a repressive, unable government. It maintained curfews and captures. His government was accused of thefts and bad usage of funds. He abandoned power through a coup d'etat planned by the military. Among the outstanding facts of his period are the creation of The National prize of Sciences and The National Prize of Letters. By ordinance N0 77, May 10th was declared mother’s day, and by ordinance N0 138, Cerro Verde was declared National Monument.

David Escobar Galindo was born in Santa Ana on October 4th, 1943. He is a lawyer and poetry author of fables, stories, theater, and novels. Some of his works have been translated to the French, German, English, Portuguese, and Swedish. He was the manager of the National Library, Director of International Organisms of the Ministry of External Relationships, and Director of the magazine Culture. He is founder and current rector of the University “Dr. José Mathias Delgado”. He was member of the government's negotiating mission that signed the Agreements of Peace in 1992. Some of his works are: Ronda de frutas, Poemas para pintar un nuevo país, Árbol sin tregua. Novels: Una grieta en el Agua, La estrella cautiva. Stories: Los sobrevivientes, Los fuegos de azar. Theater: Las hogueras Del Itaca.

Oswaldo Escobar Velado was born in Santa Ana on September 11th, 1919 and died in San Salvador on July 15th, 1961. He was a lawyer and a poet. He belonged to the so called Generation of 44. His works are: Poemas con los ojos cerrados, Diez sonetos para 1,000 y más obreros, Árbol de lucha y Esperanza.

Alvaro Menen Leal was born in Santa Ana on March 13th, 1931 and died in San Salvador on April 6th, 2000. As a writer, he was considered polemic, controversial and sarcastic that developed the sense of the absurd thing. He was banished in two occasions. He directed the first television news program on the channel 6. He also had the direction of news program Teleperiodico. The theatrical piece Luz Negra was the winner of the first Spanish American prize of Theater. It was translated in several languages and exposed in several countries. He was declared Prodigal Writer of El Salvador by the Legislative Assembly on April 6th, 2000; 2 hours before dying.

Tomas Regalado was born in Santa Ana on November 7th, 1861 and died in Guatemala in 1906. He ruled like a temporary president from November 14th of 1898 to March 1st, 1899 and as president of the country from 1899 to 1903. During his government he constructed the railway between San Salvador and Acajutla. He died defending the sovereign of the country.

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