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I.N.D.I.aN.S. The Band

i.N.D.I.aN.S. The Band is an Indian rock band from East Delhi, Delhi. The band was an immediate result of love to music by six teenagers. They achieved mainstream success with their consolation stand up victory in first season of FEVER 104 Campus Rock Maniacs. The band received remuneration because of being The Youngest Metal Rock Band In Delhi. Their following studio album, The i.N.D.I.aN.S. Revolution, continued the band's success, and was followed by extensive touring and charity work around the regions of Delhi state of India.

Recognized for their synchronizations of the nu metal and rap rock genre into a radio-friendly yet densely-layered style in The i.N.D.I.aN.S. the band moved away from this and explored a variety of other genres. The album topped the Fever 104 Hot List charts. They are also known for their several collaborations, most significant with Indian fusionist Karsh Kale in their song Sakoon from The i.N.D.I.aN.S. Revolution, the song is also included in Window Vista Sample Songs as Distance as a part compilation by Karsh Kale.


There has many misunderstanding at the time of uprising of the band about its name and confusion. The band has changed its name twice. First it changed to Code Name : Projekt Shell but again they changed it back to i.N.D.I.aN.S.

The word i.n.D.I.aN.S. means the initials of its members,
Ilisha Kopenia "i",
Nikishita Walia "N",
Drake Edwardo "D",
Illiot Walia "I",
Ankit Chandra "aN",
and Samihekere De Vinci "S".


i.N.D.I.aN.S.'s music primarily falls into the metal rock genre. Their songs usually make use of the guitar with usually over one guitars used at a time. While their first song followed a rather pop-rock route with grungy undertones, i.N.D.I.aN.S. chose to work on a more experimental sound with their other songs.

Their influences include international bands like Linkin Park, Metallica, and Styles of Beyond.

The Members

The band is a heavy combination of six teenagers.

Ilisha Kopenia - guitars and vocals,
Ilisha (Born on 13 August 1990) is an NRI from Italy.
Ilisha's angelic voice provide band's music a soul touch of an angel.
Her guitars are features solely in Who's Sleeping.

Nikishita Walia - Lead Female vocals and Indian instruments,
Nikishita (Born on 21 May 1991) is also an NRI from USA.
Her excellence in Indian Instruments provide band an extraordinary fusion.
Her Voice in Sakoon has generated a classical touch in song.

Drake Edwardo - guitars and vocals,
Drake (Born on 2 January 1991) is a main chorus voice in all songs by the band.
He produces an exotic sounds with his guitar chords that causes band success among teenagers.
He's also been reported in several affairs with his fellow students in his school.

Illiot Walia - Bass drums,
Illiot (Born on 25 March 1992) is brother of Nikishita Walia.
His double bass drums produces an echo effects in songs which enables the listener stick to it.

Ankit Chandra - Lead Male vocals and guitars(Studio),
Ankit (Born on 26 September 1991) is Indo-European.
His rock growls makes the band enriched with its metal contents.
His guitars skills also add to band's rock, but it fails when it comes to live performance.
He's also been commented as Teen Rock Idol by Head RJ of Fever 104 FM.

Samihekere De Vinci - DJ.
Samihekere (Born on 18 November 1990) is an NRI from USA.
His trance skills allows a fusion creation in the songs of the band.
Songs Kali and Revolution consists total compositions of Sam.



The i.N.D.I.aN.S. Revolution :

1. Calling,
2. Take This Life,
3. Who's Sleeping,
4. Its So Hard,
5. Kali,
6. Revolution,
7. Linkin Park's Faint-LiveMix,
8. Sakoon

(Sakoon was not included in album CDs, because of conflict between Karsh Kale and i.N.D.I.aN.S. The Band for considering a part of their respective complications. The conflict was settled as giving to Karsh Kale because of age respect of him as Distance).


  • The band has won consolation stand up victory in FEVER 104 Campus Rock Maniacs,2007.
  • The band song Sakoon is featured in Window Vista Sample Songs as Distance(By Karsh Kale).
  • The band is still The Youngest Rock Metal Band in Delhi, India.
  • The band performance at MTV Rock Meet,2007 was witnessed by more than 5,000 spectators.

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