J. Garcia

J. Garcia

J. Garcia is a line of neckties originally inspired by the paintings of Grateful Dead's lead singer Jerry Garcia. These ties reflect the psychedelic spontaneity of his music and life. The ties are a satirical joke on "letting your own freak-flag fly" -- a term coined by Garcia in the sixties to express the creative freedom of hippie wisdom and action. The line was introduced by Stonehenge, Ltd in 1992, with the name "J. Garcia" deliberately chosen to separate the ties' maketing and image from that of other Grateful Dead or Jerry Garcia mercandise.

In the years since Garcia died, the original patterns have been reworked and new patterns based upon Garcia's work have been added, all of which have enjoyed great commercial success. In 1998, Mulberry Neckwear of Marin County, California purchased the rights to J. Garcia ties, and is the current manufacturer.

Currently, his neckwear has become the eye of many teenagers looking for that certain "style". Many young males will wear these ties for school, most noteably on Tuesdays; a.k.a. JGT Tuesday. The first chapter of this phenomenon was recorded in Fordham Preparatory School in the Bronx.


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