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Dan Severn

Daniel "The Beast" Severn (born June 8 1954) is an American mixed martial artist and professional wrestler, notable for his success in the early years of Ultimate Fighting Championship tournaments. Severn has fought and wrestled for many other mixed martial arts and professional wrestling promotions, including King of the Cage, PRIDE, Cage Rage, WEC, Gladiator Challenge, and the World Wrestling Federation.



Severn has a long history in Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling. He was a four time All-American at Arizona State, the original Sunkist Kid of the Sunkist Kids, and a wrestling coach at both his alma mater Arizona State and Michigan State. He has wrestled in Turkey, Japan, Cuba, Hungary, Canada, and France as well as the U.S.A.. In his long career, he has held many national and international titles. He was often introduced to the UFC Octagon as holding more than 100 in total. Severn also held the US national record for victories by pin from 1976 to 1992.

Mixed Martial Arts

Severn was the first world-class wrestler to enter the UFC, foreshadowing the period of dominance by wrestlers such as Don Frye in UFC 8 and 9 and Mark Coleman in UFC 10 and 11. Severn entered the UFC in 1994 at UFC 4: Revenge of the Warriors, where he captured the hearts of many UFC fans by executing two impressive back suplays on Anthony Macias. In the finals of UFC 4, Severn was defeated by Royce Gracie who secured a triangle choke for the victory. The submission loss came after Severn was in Gracie's guard for almost 15 minutes, with the wrestler unable to finish his opponent for lack of striking and submission experience. He soon roared back into mixed martial arts competition, dominating his opponents to capture the tournament championship at UFC 5: Return of the Beast.

Severn went on to win Ultimate Ultimate 1995, a tournament consisting of UFC champions and runners up. Here Severn defeated Paul Varelans, David "Tank" Abbott, and Oleg Taktarov in a single night. He was also victorious over Ken Shamrock at UFC 9 to become the UFC Superfight Champion, his third title win for the promotion.

Severn managed his friend and fellow UFC champion Don Frye during UFC 8. In 1999, Severn founded a new mixed martial arts promotion intended to provide a platform for amateur fighters, called The Danger Zone, in which Severn has also fought. Severn has also trained and become a mentor to notable mixed martial artists including UFC light-heavyweight contender Rashad Evans and The Ultimate Fighter competitor Luke Zachrich.

Professional Wrestling

Severn is an accomplished professional wrestler, having worked for UWF International in Japan, the National Wrestling Alliance, and the World Wrestling Federation.

He entered the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) in 1995, and defeated Chris Candido for his first NWA World Heavyweight Championship on a Smoky Mountain Wrestling card. Severn would go on to win the UFC championship that year, making him the first and thus far only man to hold an MMA and a professional wrestling championship simultaneously. Severn would go on to hold the NWA Championship for four years, the longest reign in over two decades and currently the third-longest reign in the belt's history.

As NWA champion, Severn appeared in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) during a storyline where the NWA invaded the WWF. During his two year tenure, he competed in the Brawl For All tournament, beating The Godfather in the first round. However, he withdrew prior to the quarterfinals, allowing The Godfather to advance by default.

Severn appeared in 2000 in the short-lived WXO promotion. In 2001, he again won the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, this time from Shinya Hashimoto in Japan. This title reign would be controversial (an American referee in a Japanese promotion issuing a fast count), and short-lived, as the title was stripped from Severn when he was unable to appear on the inaugural NWA-TNA pay-per-view to defend his title; the belt was won that evening by Severn's long-time rival, Ken Shamrock.

Severn was the original president of Price of Glory Wrestling, held out of his training facility in Coldwater, Michigan. In mid 2007, there were some unresolved things that led Severn to no longer own Price of Glory Wrestling. It seems that Mark Pennington & Jayme P now equally own the promotion that is still running in Severn's training facility. Severn has also wrestled for the promotion, having notable feuds with Jimmy Jacobs, N8 Mattson, and C.J. Otis.

Championships and accomplishments

Amateur wrestling

Mixed martial arts

Professional wrestling

MMA record

84 Wins 14 Losses , 7 Draws
Result Opponent Method Event Date Round, Time Notes
Loss Pavel Botka Decision Heaven or Hell - Hell Cage 5/3/2008 N/A
Loss Victor Chavez Submission (Kimura) WFC - Armageddon 4/12/2008 2
Win Colin Robinson Decision (Unanimous) Cage Wars - Max Extreme fighting 3/9/2008 3
Win Ian Asham Submission (Kimura) Iroquois - MMA Championships II 2/9/2008
Win Don Richard Decision (Unanimous) KOTC Bad Boys 11/21/2007 3 5:00
Win Victor Vincelette Submission (Choke) WFC - Rumble in the Red Rocks 6/9/2007 1 1:35
Win Terrell Pree Submission (Armbar) WVF-Minot 4/21/2007 1 4:18
Win Jason Keith Submission (Rear naked choke) GC 60-Invasion 3/23/2007 1 2:36
Win Kasey Geyer Submission (Rear naked choke) CCCF-RiverWind Rumble 2/24/2007 2 1:25
Win Clifford Coon Submission (Rear naked choke) CCCF-Red River Riot 2/17/2007 1 1:53
Lose Dave Legeno Decision (Unanimous) CR 20-Born 2 Fight 2/10/2007 3 5:00
Win Wade Hamilton Submission KOTC-Mass Destruction 1/26/2007 1 3:08
Win Chris Clark Submission IFC-Rumble on the River 2 11/10/2006 1 3:08
Win Brian Heden Decision NFA-Night of the Beast 9/23/2006 N/A
Win Skip Hall (MMA) Submission (Choke) IE-Independent Event 8/26/2006 1
Win Robert Berry Submission (Rear naked choke) GR 16-Goshin Ryu 15 6/3/2006 1 4:21
Win Victor Vincelette Submission (Strikes) WFC-Rumble in the Rockies 1/21/2006 1 1:22
Lose Joop Kasteel KO RINGS Holland-Men of Honor 12/11/2005 1
Lose Victor Chavez Decision (Unanimous) MFC 8-Resurrection 9/9/2005 3 5:00
Win Rick Collup Submission (Knees) GC 39-Titans Collide 7/17/2005 2
Win Shannon Ritch Submission (Choke) Extreme Wars-X-1 7/2/2005 2
Win Shannon Ritch Submission (Keylock) NFC-Northern Fighting Championships 6/3/2005 2
Win Cal Worsham TKO (Injury) GC 34-Legends Collide 1/27/2005 3
Win Lee Mein TKO CFC-Continental Fighting Championships 11/20/2004 2 1:41
Lose James Thompson Decision (Unanimous) UC 11-Wrath of the Beast 9/12/2004 5 5:00
Win Chad Rafdel TKO (Corner Stoppage) AFA-Beast 7/31/2004 1
Win Hidetada Irie Decision (Unanimous) Gladiator FC-Day 1 6/26/2004 3 5:00
Win Ruben Villareal Decision (Split) GC 27-FightFest 2 6/3/2004 2 5:00
Win Greg Lockhart Submission Dangerzone-Cage Fighting 4/10/2004 2 1:45
Win Johnathan Ivey Decision (Unanimous) HFC 3-Hardcore Fighting Championships 3 3/27/2004 N/A
Lose Tony Bonello Submission (Rear naked choke) XFC 4-Australia vs The World 3/19/2004 1 1:36
Lose Ulysses Castro Submission (Verbal) ETB-Enter the Beast 3/6/2004 3 2:45
Draw Jerry Vrbanovic Draw KOTC 33-After Shock 2/20/2004 2 5:00
Lose Seth Petruzelli Decision (Unanimous) KOTC 32-Bringing Heat 1/24/2004 3 5:00
Win Ray Seraille Submission (Armbar) PXC 1-Pacific X-Treme Combat 1/17/2004 3
Win Mathias Hughes Submission SB-Seasons Beatings 12/18/2003 1 2:40
Draw Homer Moore Draw RITC 54-'The Beast' vs 'The Rock' 10/25/2003 3 3:00
Win Gary Dudley TKO (Strikes) GC 18-Gladiator Challenge 18 8/21/2003 1 2:08
Win Dan Christison Decision (Split) KOTC 24-Mayhem 6/14/2003 3 5:00
Win Shane Moore Submission HFC 1-Hardcore Fighting Championships 1 5/24/2003 2
Win Cory Timmerman Decision (Unanimous) KOTC 23-Sin City 5/16/2003 3 5:00
Lose Ulysses Castro Decision MFC 6-Road To Gold 2/22/2003 3 5:00
Draw Pat Stano Draw WATS-War at the Shore 1/17/2003 3 5:00
Win Mike Ward Submission UC 4-Eyes of the Beast 12/1/2002 3 1:42
Win Justin Eilers Decision (Unanimous) VFC 3-Total Chaos 11/23/2002 N/A
Win Mark Smith Submission (Keylock) KOTC 18-Sudden Impact 11/1/2002 1 2:56
Win Dan Christison Decision AC 1-Aztec Challenge 1 9/6/2002 3 5:00
Win John Jensen TKO (Towel) KOTC 14-New Mexico 6/19/2002 1 5:00
Win Steve Sayegh Submission (Strikes) Dangerzone-Caged Heat 4/13/2002 1 5:45
Win Forrest Griffin Decision RSF 5-New Blood Conflict 10/27/2001 3 4:00
Draw Travis Fulton Draw IC 3-Iowa Challenge 3 9/22/2001 3 5:00
Win Lenn Walker Submission (Strikes) UW-St. Paul 7/15/2001 1 1:49
Win Travis Fulton Decision WEC 1-Princes of Pain 6/30/2001 3 5:00
Win Wes Sims Decision RSF 2-Attack at the Track 6/23/2001 3 4:00
Win Harry Moskowitz Submission (Keylock) RCF 11-Reality Combat Fighting 11 5/10/2001 N/A
Lose Jonathan Wiezorek Submission (Choke) RSF 1-Redemption in the Valley 4/21/2001 2 1:03
Win Aaron Keeney Submission (Keylock) Dangerzone-Insane In Ft. Wayne 11/25/2000 1 2:03
Win Travis Fulton Submission (Rear naked choke) Dangerzone-Night of the Beast 10/28/2000 1 2:01
Loss Pedro Rizzo Submission (Strikes) UFC 27-Ultimate Bad Boyz 9/22/2000 1 1:33
Win Andrei Kopylov Decision (Unanimous) Rings-Millennium Combine 3 8/23/2000 2 5:00
Win John Dixon Submission (Keylock) CFA 2-Continental Freefighting Alliance 2 7/19/2000 1 5:18
Win Ron Rumpf Submission (Keylock) Dangerzone-Battle At The Bear 7/8/2000 1 0:54
Win Robert Stines Submission (Neck Crank) Dangerzone-Ft. Wayne 2 5/20/2000 1 0:44
Win Marcus Silveira Submission (Arm triangle choke) WEF 9-World Class 5/13/2000 1 4:46
Win Bart Vale TKO (Doctor) CFA 1-Collision at the Crossroads 3/25/2000 2 0:36
Loss Josh Barnett Submission (Armbar) SB 16-SuperBrawl 16 2/8/2000 4 1:21
Win Mark Jaquith Decision Dangerzone-Ft. Wayne 11/22/1999 1 15:00
Win Phil Ortiz Submission (Keylock) EC 28-Extreme Challenge 28 10/9/1999 1 1:55
Win David Ferguson Submission (Strikes) Dangerzone-Ft. Smith 9/18/1999 1 8:36
Win Nick Starks Decision URF - Ultimate Reality Fighting 7/18/1999 N/A 0:00
Win Brad Kohler TKO UW-Ultimate Wrestling 6/25/1999 1 7:57
Win Slade Martin Submission (Keylock) Dangerzone-Mahnomen 6/19/1999 1 3:30
Win Ross Quam Submission (Jaw Lock) BITBH - Brawl in the Black Hills 1 5/15/1999 1 N/A
Win Kevin Rosier Submission CC 1-Cage Combat 1 12/8/1998 1
Win Joe Frailey Submission (Armbar) SB 9-SuperBrawl 9 9/19/1998 1 4:02
Draw Pat Miletich Draw EC 20-Extreme Challenge 20 8/22/1998 1 20:00
Win Chris Franco TKO (Cut) SB 8-SuperBrawl 8 8/4/1998 1 4:55
Win Sam Adkins Submission IFC 8-Showdown at Shooting Star 6/20/1998 1 12:57
Win Steve Miller Submission (Rear naked choke) WSW-World Shoot Wrestling 6/12/1998 1 5:45
Win John Calvo TKO (Punches) SB 7-SuperBrawl 7 4/25/1998 1 3:38
Win Travis Fulton Submission (Keylock) Gladiators-Gladiators 2 4/18/1998 1 10:39
Win Kevin Rosier TKO EC 15-Extreme Challenge 15 2/27/1998 1 0:53
Draw Kimo Leopoldo Draw PRIDE 1-PRIDE 1 10/11/1997 1 30:00
Win John Renfroe Submission (Keylock) IFC 6-Battle at Four Bears 9/20/1997 1 2:28
Win John Dixon Submission (Strikes) IFC 5-Battle in the Bayou 9/5/1997 1 2:33
Win Lance Gibson Submission (Keylock) SB 5-SuperBrawl 5 8/23/1997 1 26:22
Win Paul Buentello Submission USWF 6 - Unified Shoot Wrestling Federation 6 8/16/1997 1 2:55
Win Ebenezer Fontes Braga TKO (Cut) IVC 1-Real Fight Tournament 7/6/1997 1 8:17
Draw Jeremy Horn Draw EC 7-Extreme Challenge 7 6/25/1997 1 20:00
Win John Renfroe TKO EC 6-Extreme Challenge 6 5/10/1997 1 2:29
Loss Mark Coleman Submission (Choke) UFC 12-Judgement Day 2/7/1997 1 2:57 For UFC Heavyweight title
Win Steven Goss Submission (Rear naked choke) EC 1-Extreme Challenge 1 11/23/1996 1 1:53
Win Mitsuhiro Matsunaga Submission (Armlock) U-Japan 11/17/1996 1 1:32
Win Mario Neto Decision UVF 4-Universal Vale tudo Fighting 4 10/22/1996 1 40:00
Win Dennis Reed Submission (Neck Crank) BATB 1-Brawl at the Ballpark 1 9/1/1996 1 4:10
Win Doug Murphy Submission (Keylock) VTJ 1996-Vale tudo Japan 1996 7/7/1996 1 3:23
Win Ken Shamrock Decision (Split) UFC 9-Motor City Madness 5/17/1996 1 30:00 Won UFC Superfight title
Win Oleg Taktarov Decision (Unanimous) UU 95-Ultimate Ultimate 1995 12/16/1995 1 30:00 Won Ultimate Ultimate 95 Tournament
Win David L. Abbott Decision (Unanimous) UU 95-Ultimate Ultimate 1995 12/16/1995 1 18:00
Win Paul Varelans Submission (Arm triangle choke) UU 95-Ultimate Ultimate 1995 12/16/1995 1 1:40
Loss Ken Shamrock Submission (Guillotine choke) UFC 6-Clash of the Titans 7/14/1995 1 2:14 For UFC Superfight title
Win Dave Beneteau Submission (Keylock) UFC 5-The Return of the Beast 4/7/1995 1 3:01 Won UFC 5 Tournament
Win Oleg Taktarov TKO (Cut) UFC 5-The Return of the Beast 4/7/1995 1 4:21
Win Joe Charles Submission (Rear naked choke) UFC 5-The Return of the Beast 4/7/1995 1 1:38
Loss Royce Gracie Submission (Triangle choke) UFC 4-Revenge of the Warriors 12/16/1994 1 15:49
Win Marcus Bossett Submission (Rear naked choke) UFC 4-Revenge of the Warriors 12/16/1994 1 0:52
Win Anthony Macias Submission (Rear naked choke) UFC 4-Revenge of the Warriors 12/16/1994 1 1:45


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