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J.O.B. Squad

The J.O.B. Squad was a tongue-in-cheek professional wrestling stable of wrestlers that before this push, often saw themselves perennially on the losing end of matches as jobbers for established or up-and-coming wrestlers.

The acronym "J.O.B." was said to stand for "Just Over Broke", a reference to wrestlers' penchant for appearing in preliminary matches and, therefore, being on the low end of the payscale.



  • Al Snow, a perennial undercard performer who previously wrestled under the monikers Avatar, Shinobi and Leif Cassidy. Devastated by his unsuccessful wrestling career, he began an insanity gimmick by talking to and taking orders from a mannequin head (named simply "Head") and writing "Help Me" backwards on his forehead. He solidified his role in the WWF Hardcore Division during his time as leader of the J.O.B. Squad.
  • Duane Gill, a longtime WWF preliminary wrestler dating back to the early 1990s Hulk Hogan era. In the J.O.B. Squad, he became known as Gillberg, whose mannerisms and ring entrance style were obvious parodies of then-WCW World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg. Despite his longtime losing streak, he eventually defeated Marc Mero in a retirement match and then defeated Christian for the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship, holding it for 15 months.
  • The Blue Meanie, an overweight, blue-haired preliminary wrestler who competed in skimpy cut-off jeans and an airbrushed half-shirt. A perennial punching bag for most WWF competitors, he devoted the majority of his time in the group to a strange obsession with Goldust and briefly changed his name to Bluedust.
  • Bob Holly & 2 Cold Scorpio were the J.O.B. Squad's resident tag team. Holly and Scorpio, whose previous gimmicks were that of a race car driver and pimp, respectively, spent the majority of their time in the group as backup to Snow and Gillberg, and wrestling in tag team matches, six-man and eight-man tags. During Gillberg's ring entrance, they helped parody Goldberg by showering Gillberg with sparklers as he strode towards the ring.

WWF tenure

In November 1998, Snow, Holly and Scorpio formed the J.O.B. Squad. That same month on RAW, they helped Mankind defeat Ken Shamrock & The Big Boss Man in a triple threat match. New J.O.B. Squad member Duane Gill also defeated Christian for the Light Heavyweight title. On an episode of Sunday Night Heat, new member Blue Meanie interfered as Duane Gill vs. Christian ended in a double disqualification. Subsequently on RAW, Duane Gill defeats and retires Marc Mero.

In December at Rock Bottom, Gillberg defeated Matt Hardy, and The Brood defeated Al Snow, Scorpio, and Holly. A month later at the Royal Rumble, Blue Meanie, Al Snow, and Gillberg were all eliminated from the Royal Rumble within 10 seconds.

By February 1999, Scorpio was released by the WWF, and Gillberg was phased out of storylines. On RAW during a match where Al Snow wrestled against himself, Bob Holly came down to the ring to prevent Al from hurting himself, which led to the formal breakup of the J.O.B. Squad. Later that month at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Bob Holly, as Hardcore Holly, defeated Snow for the WWE Hardcore Title.


  • Slogans
    • "Pin me, pay me"
    • "J.O.B. Squad: 1-2-3 4-life" (a parody reference to the nWo slogan "N-W-O for Life")
    • "Kissing ass isn't in my JOB description" on the back.
  • Theme music
    • "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba (which starts with the line "I get knocked down, but I get up again, you ain't ever gonna keep me down")


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