Ixora is a genus from the family Rubiaceae, consisting of tropical evergreens and shrubs. Though native to tropical areas in Asia, especially India, ixora now grows commonly in tropical climates in the USA, such as Florida. Ixora is also commonly known as West Indian Jasmine. Other common names include: rangan, kheme, ponna, chann tanea, techi, pan, santan, jarum-jarum, Jungle flame, Jungle geranium, and many more. Plants possess leathery leaves, ranging from 3 to 6 inches in length, and produce large clusters of tiny flowers in the summer. Members of Ixora prefer acidic soil, and are suitable choices for bonsai.

Red ixora flowers are commonly used in Hindu worship, as well as in Indian folk medicine.

It is also a popular choice for hedges in parts of South East Asia, like in Thailand. In tropical climates they flower year round.

Selected Species



picture: Red Ixora Flower Buds Close-up

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