La Lumière d'Ixo

La Lumière d'Ixo (The Light of Ixo) is the tenth book from Yoko Tsuno comic book series written by Roger Leloup and published in 1980. (ISBN 2-8001-0687-5)


Every four years, a mysterious light appears on Ixo, an ice moon in the Vinean solar system which the Vineans have used to store dangerous chemicals. Soon Yoko and the others discover that the light is a way of transferring energy to Shyra, a colony of Vinean exiles that passes by Ixo every four years. The light is aimed at Shyra by means of a large concave mirror cut out from Ixo's icy rocks.

Sikhan, the current administrator of the energy generation project, wants to use the light for his own bid for power. Myrka, the stubborn engineer who is maintaining the mirror, opposes him. Myrka's hostility makes it difficult for Yoko to make friends with her, and Sikhan and his henchman Zarfa make a move which threatens both Myrka's and Poky's lives...

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