ivorybilled wood peckers

Arthur Edward Osmaston

Arthur Edward Osmaston (1885-1961) was a forest officer and naturalist in India. He studied at the Royal Indian Engineering College, Cooper's Hill and joined the Indian Forest Department in the United Provinces. During his thirty years of service, he studied the birds and flora of the region and wrote numerous papers in the Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society. His collection of bird specimens was given to Hugh Whistler in 1931 and is now in the Natural History Museum.


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  • Osmaston, A E (1913): The birds of Gorakhpur. JBNHS. 22(3):532-549.
  • Osmaston, A E (1912): Eggs of the Large Hawk-Cuckoo IHierococcyx sparverioides. JBNHS. 21(4):1330-1331.


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