Itajaí is a Brazilian city in the state of Santa Catarina.


The city was founded on June 15, 1860, but the colonization of Itajaí started in 1658, when the Paulista João Dias D’Arzão arrived in the region. In 1750, Portuguese colonists coming from Madeira and the Azores made this region their home. By 1823 it became a prominent region for Portuguese settlers and, at the end of the XIX century, received a great number of German immigrants.


Itajaí is located on the Northern coast of the state, specifically on the banks of the river Rio Itajaí-Açu (where the origin of the name comes from). Itajaí borders neighboring cities Balneário Camboriú, Camboriú, Brusque, Gaspar, Ilhota and Navegantes. It is also home to the biggest fishing port in the country (second biggest port in the nation) and the second biggest university in the state, the Univali.

Itajaí is located on the base Baixo Vale do Itajaí, and to its coast, the Atlantic Ocean. It is also situated at the opening to the Itajaí-Açu, making the existence of the port possible.

The city is basically a plain — being at sea-level — and a great deal of the native vegetation has been removed for commercial activities and urban expansion. Itajaí is an incorporated city of the Metropolitan Region of the Itajaí River, as well as its neighboring cities.

Itajaí is also home to one of the biggest popular Brazilian music festivals in the nation. The festival happens every September and reunites musicians and artists from around the country. These encounters are a display of the rich culture of Itajaí.

Highway BR-101 is the main highway that passes by the city, and highways SC-100, SC-486, SC-470, and BR-470, connect Itajaí to the rest of the state.

Ethnic Groups

The majority of the population are descendants of Azoreans and Germans. A cultural mix of Germans and Portuguese is also a mark of the city.

Port of Itajaí

The port of Itajaí is the main port of Santa Catarina and the second largest of the country, exports almost all of the products of the state.


Itajaí has many beautiful beaches, among them are the Molhes, Atalaia, Jeremias, Cabeçudas, Morcego, Praia Brava and Solidão. The city also has ample rural areas and a beautiful natural landscape, with a rich heritage of Portuguese and German immigrants. Itajaí has a píer for passenger vessels that serves to assist the coast of Santa Catarina and for customs, that returns the ships by laser. The Marejada, a Portuguese festival of fishing and seafood, is the principal festival of the city, showcasing attractions relative to the ocean and the Azores. Itajaí is also the hub of Nautical Club Marcílio Dias, a sport association for both soccer/football and competitive rowing.

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