Itagüí (pron. /i ta 'gwi/ ee-tah-GWEE) is a town and municipality in Antioquia Department, Colombia. Itagüí is part of the Metropolitan Area of Medellín. Itagüí is known as the most industrialized city in all Colombia, therefore having the nickname, "La Ciudad Industrial". It is also the most densely populated municipality having over 220,000 citizens within such a small area.


Itagüí by far has the best transportation in all of Colombia with closeness only from Medellín and Bogotá. It also has two metro stations that link it directly to Medellín and other municipalities. It has a vast "colectivo" (micro-bus) and bus system which conforms very well with the needs of the city.


Itagüí is one or maybe the only municipality in Colombia aside from Envigado that has higher revenue from taxes. Taxes surpassing expectencies have led it to develop a great infrastructure in the last 10 years making it one of the premier cities in Colombia.


Itaüí is also the place where the Itaüí Maximum Security prison is located. Many criminals from the FARC, Medellin Cartel and Cali Cartel are inprisoned.

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