it never rains but it pours

It Never Rains...

It Never Rains... is an episode of the BBC sit-com, Only Fools and Horses. It was the sixth episode of series 2, and was first screened on 25 November 1982.


It has been raining non-stop for four days in Peckham, and the Trotters haven't been able flog any of their sun-hats.

At the Nag's Head, Del Boy bumps into his friend Alex, a down-on-his-luck travel agent. They have a chat about how they can boost their businesses, and Del suggests that Alex offer an 80% discount on a holiday to the next customer, who happens to be Del.

Back at the flat, Del tells Rodney and Grandad that they're going to Benidorm, Spain. Rodney is worried that Grandad will cramp their style, but Del just tells him to shrug it off.

When they get to Benidorm, Del and Rodney score themselves a couple of girls, but when they go back to their hotel room, they find Grandad asleep with his false teeth by his bedside.

A few days later, on the beach, Rodney and Del wonder about why Grandad has been acting very shifty since they landed. Then, they later hear that Grandad's been arrested.

At the police station, Grandad tells his grandsons why he's been arrested: it was way back in 1936, the Trotters were very poor, so Grandad and his friend Nobby Clarke hitchiked all the way to Southampton, got a boat to Tangiers, and became gun-runners, until they were captured and tortured, before getting home to Peckham. That's the reason why Grandad thinks the Spanish authorities arrested him.

After hearing the story, Del Boy tries to bribe the guard into letting Grandad go, but it soon turns out that Grandad was only arrested for jaywalking and is free to go with no charge.

Episode cast

Actor Role
David Jason Del Boy
Nicholas Lyndhurst Rodney
Lennard Pearce Grandad
Jim McManus Alex
Anne Bruzac French girl
Jillianne Foot English girl
Michael Attwell English man
Anthony Jackson Spanish guard


This episode was originally going to be filmed in Spain, but the BBC had to settle for an extremely cold Bournemouth due to the budget running out.

Story arc

Grandad mentions that the Trotters have never been good sailors, setting the scene for Uncle Albert's escapades.

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