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Madesimo (once known as Isolato) is a comune (municipality) in the Province of Sondrio in the Italian region Lombardy, located about 110 km north of Milan and about 50 km northwest of Sondrio, on the border with Switzerland. As of 31 December 2004, it had a population of 597 and an area of 85.4 km².

Madesimo borders the following municipalities: Campodolcino, Ferrera (Switzerland), Medels im Rheinwald (Switzerland), Mesocco (Switzerland), Piuro, Splügen (Switzerland), Sufers (Switzerland).

Demographic evolution

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 bar:2001 from: 0 till:581


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 bar:1971 at:676 fontsize:XS text: 676 shift:(-8,5)
 bar:1981 at:679 fontsize:XS text: 679 shift:(-8,5)
 bar:1991 at:631 fontsize:XS text: 631 shift:(-8,5)
 bar:2001 at:581 fontsize:XS text: 581 shift:(-8,5)


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 text:Data from ISTAT


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