ISLISP (also capitalized as ISLisp) is a programming language in the LISP family standardized by the ISO. The goal of the ISO standardization effort was to define a small, core language to help bridge the gap between differing dialects of Lisp. It attempted to accomplish this goal by studying primarily Common Lisp, EuLisp, Le Lisp, and Scheme and standardizing only those features shared between them.


ISLISP has these design goals:

  • Compatible with existing Lisp dialects where feasible.
  • Provide basic functionality.
  • Object-oriented.
  • Designed with extensibility in mind.
  • Gives priority to industrial needs over academic needs.
  • Promotes efficient implementations and applications.

ISLISP has separate function and value namespaces (hence it is a Lisp2).

ISLISP's object system, ILOS, is for the most part a subset of CLOS.


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