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Ibárruri (Gómez), (Isidora) Dolores

known as La Pasionaria (Spanish: “The Passionflower”)

(born Dec. 9, 1895, Gallarta, near Bilbao, Spain—died Nov. 12, 1989, Madrid) Spanish communist leader. The daughter of a poor miner, she became radicalized in her youth. In 1918 she published an article using her pseudonym (“The Passionflower”), and in 1920 she joined the new Communist Party of Spain. After a turbulent career, she emerged as a deputy in the Republican parliament. By the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 she had won fame as a fiery and even violent street orator, and she coined the Republican battle cry, “No pasarán!” (“They shall not pass!”). With Francisco Franco's victory in 1939 she fled to the Soviet Union; she returned in 1977 after his death and the party's relegalization. Reelected to parliament, she resigned because of ill health, but she remained honourary president of the party until her death.

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Isidora Bjelica (Исидора Бјелица) (born 1967) is a Serbian writer and director. She was born in Sarajevo, then in Yugoslavia, now in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is the daughter of the famous chess author and journalist, Dimitrije Bjelica . She is married to professor Nebojša Pajkić who co-authored one of her books.


Her works include over 35 books - novels, short stories collections, plays, travel books and screenplays. She also works as a columnist for magazines, for example the Serbian version of Playboy. Her books have been translated into several languages. Her work usually explores themes of sex (though she also authored the biography of Serbian turbo-folk star Ceca).

  • 101 muškarac u četiri godišnja doba (1996) ISBN 8675720394
  • Tajni život slavnih Srpkinja (1997) ISBN 8683583414
  • Princeze Di Montenegro (1998) ISBN 867712067X
  • Dorcol-Menhetn (2000)

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