I.S.A.P is the acronym for the Athens-Piraeus Electric Railways (Η.Σ.Α.Π. - Ηλεκτρικοί Σιδηρόδρομοι Αθηνών-Πειραιώς, Ilektrikoi Sidirodromoi Athinon - Pireos), the first public rail transport system of Athens, Greece. Today it advertised as part of the Athens Metro system, comprising Line 1 (Green Line), although it is a separate company. The line was inaugurated in February 27, 1869 as a steam train connecting Athens and its port, Piraeus, and was operated by Athens-Piraeus Railway SA. It was the fourth urban rapid transit system to be constructed in the world. The project was considered so important, that both Queen Olga and the Prime Minister Thrasyvoulos Zaimis were present at the inauguration. The line was electrified in 1904 and the operating company renamed to Athens Piraeus Electric Railway SA (I.S.A.P) in 1976. Today, Line 1 stretches from the northern suburb of Kifissia to Piraeus. As a result of its original conception as a steam railway, the line runs largely above ground, in contrast to the more recent Metro lines 2 and 3.


The line runs to the east crossing within the ancient road linking Piraeus and Athens, it later forms a curve on a line of a historic road linking to Athens and later runs underground and after, runs underneath Athinas Avenue and intersect the first time at the Omonoia station. Before Omonoia, at Monastiraki, it intersects with Line 3. The line forms a left curve and intersects near the Patissia station and at the Victoria station and near Larissa, intersects with the Red Line (Line 2), the line runs later to the northeast and out of the tunnel. The tracks are outside again, and passes through Nea Ionia and under several underpasses, it makes a right curve near Heraklio and a left curve between Eirini and Nerantziotissa which intersects with the new Proastiakos line, and finally ends with a station west of Kifissia.

Several movies and television shows were shot at different locations of the line.



On 2 November 2005 the ISAP operating company announced that is seeking to become 2000 certified.

On 24 November 2005 the ISAP operating company announced that it has built the ISAP Museum in Piraeus station.

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