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Future Combat Systems Non-Line-of-Sight Mortar

The XM1204 Non-Line-of-Sight Mortar (NLOS-M) is a turreted, self-propelled mortar vehicle with a four man crew. It is capable of firing at targets outside of the crew's line of sight (known as indirect fire). The NLOS-M is in development for the U.S. Army and is a component of the Future Combat System.


The NLOS-M fires 120mm mortar munitions including the Precision Guided Mortar Munition (PGMM). It has a fully automated firing control system and a manually-assisted, semi-automated ammunition loading system.

The NLOS-M provides fires on-demand to engage complex and simultaneous target sets. As part of an NLOS-M battery, individual NLOS-M vehicles will provide precision-guided fires to destroy high-value targets, protective fires to suppress and obscure the enemy, and illumination fires. All of these will be in close support of infantry maneuver units.

The FCS command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) network enables the NLOS-M fire control system to conduct semi- to autonomous computation of technical fire direction, automatic gun lay, preparation of the ammunition for firing, and mortar round firing.

In January 2003 United Defense, now part of BAE Systems, was selected by the Army and the FCS Lead Systems Integrators (Boeing and SAIC) to develop and build the NLOS-M.


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