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Community Leaders At Service of Society

Community Leaders At Service of Society (CLASS) is a non-profit organization (NPO) based in Silicon Valley, California. It is a volunteer-driven management consulting firm that assists senior management and Board of Directors of other non-profit organizations in strategic and capacity-building initiatives. Today, CLASS mainly assists non-profits in the San Francisco Bay Area and Dallas in the fields of Marketing, Finance, Management, Human Resources, and Information Technology.


CLASS's mission is to increase the return on social investment by providing business solutions to non-profit organizations and leadership development opportunities to volunteer professionals.


CLASS was founded by Deepali Sachdeva and Sudeep Kanjilal in 2002 on the premise that there is an under-utilization of resources and that it is possible to greatly enhance the return that society can get from investments in NPOs. The founders discovered that volunteers preferred positions that allowed them to utilize their skills effectively and wished to volunteer in a structured environment. At the same time, they also determined that non-profit organizations had their own business frustrations. As a result, Ms. Sachdeva and Mr. Kanjilal established CLASS to change the way people volunteer and contribute so that NPOs get the most out of volunteers' effort.

Board Members

  • Deepali Sachdeva
  • Rob Albanese
  • Sudeep Kanjilal

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