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Iranian-Swiss relations

Iranian-Swiss relations are foreign relations between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Switzerland. Switzerland is seen as a major Western European ally of Iran and the bilateral ties between the two states is increasing in the fields of Transport, technology, energy, oil, gas and Tourism

Switzerland has had a consulate in Tehran since 1919 which was raised to the status of embassy in 1936 and also represents the interests of some countries including United States and South Africa in the Iranian capital Tehran.

The mutual ties between the two countries was always fair and friendly because of cultural cognations. There are agreements between the two countries on air traffic (1954, 1972 and 2004), road and rail transport (1977), export risk guarantees (1966), protection of investments (1998) and double taxation (2002). Iran is one of Switzerland's most important trading partners in the Middle East. A trade agreement was signed in 2005 but has not yet been ratified.

Beginning in 1984, victims of the Iran-Iraq War received medical treatment in Switzerland. After the severe earthquakes of 1997 and 2003, Switzerland helped to rebuild the infrastructure. Cooperation on the national level to prevent natural catastrophes was initiated in 2006. The two countries have been engaged in a human rights dialogue since 2003 and in discussions on migration since 2005

In the year 2007, Iran and Switzerland agreed to sign a major gas contract to export oil and gas from the Persian Gulf.

This happened during a trip paid by the Swiss foreign minister Micheline Calmy-Ray with her Iranian counterpart Manouchehr Mottaki.

This contract has been signed between the Switzerland's company of Elektrizitaetsgesellschaft Laufenburg and the National Iranian Gas Export Company which will be started practically at the beginning of 2009


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