Virtua Tennis: World Tour

Virtua Tennis: World Tour is a tennis video game which was released for the Sony PlayStation Portable.


Virtua Tennis: World Tour was first released on 1 September 2005 in Europe with a North American release following shortly afterwards on 6 October 2005. It was later released in Japan on 26 January 2006 under the title Power Smash: New Generation.

The game features 14 real-life professional tennis players, four court surfaces (with multiple arenas of each surface) and multiple game modes.

Professional players

Two fictional female tennis players, Carolina Relandini and Sarah Bailey, were added to the list to even up the male/female numbers. The pictures which accompany these two players are actually photographs of two female employees at Sega Europe.

Court surfaces

Game modes

World Tour

This is the main 1-player mode of Virtua Tennis: World Tour. In this mode, you create one male and one female character and attempt to win all the tournaments in the game to reach you goal of becoming the #1-ranked player in the world. In between tournaments, skill levels may be raised by competing in a variety of quick minigames invo tennis.

Quick Match

As it sounds, Quick Match just throws you into a match, automatically selecting the players and court.

Ball Games

These are a few minigames, perfect for a short play time.


You select a player and attempt to play through 6 matches in quick time in order to win a tournament. Courts are automatically selected.There is also a retry option which enables the player to try to win again and again.


Using the PSP's Wi-Fi capabilities, up to 4 players can compete in a tennis match.


Virtua Tennis: World Tour was generally a good game. however, many critics were disappointed by the added element of two fictional female players, on the account of the high numbers of top players in the WTA.

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