Alois Anderka

Alois Anderka (25 June 1825, Nové Lublice7 April 1886, Moravská Ostrava) was the second mayor of Ostrava 1864-1873.

In 1858, he entered politics. In 1861 he was elected into the local committee and in 1864 was elected mayor.

He cooperated with the occupating Prussian forces during the war between Austrian-Prussian War. He managed to minimalise the damage caused by the soldiers. After a peace was concluded, he was decorated by the Emperor.

In 1868 he managed to receive a permit to create a main school in Moravská Ostrava. In 1869 he managed to organise a railroad to be placed between Ostrava and Frýdlant.

Also, a public gaslight was established in 1870, a new city graveyard was opened in 1871.

However, his investive activities caused a deficit on 170,000 gold pieces to be made, resulting in Anderka not being named mayor in 1873. He however remained in communal politics, serving in the local committee, dying on 7 April 1886, due to a lung disease.

He was succeeded by Konstantin Grünwald.

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