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Malhotra (मलहोत्रा, ਮਲਹੋਤਰਾ) is a Khatri family surname originating from the Punjab region of the Indian Subcontinent, today straddling India and Pakistan and is common with both Hindu and Sikh families.

The Malhotras belong to the Kshatriya Varna (the princely military order in Vedic society).

Along with the Khanna and Kapur clans, the Mehra/Malhotra clan forms the Dhai Gar(which means 2 1/2 families), in the Kshatriya Khatri clan hierarchy.


The Malhotras are Kshatriya from North India.

In current times, the Malhotra clan, in line with their Kshatriya origins, plays a prominent role in the Indian Armed Forces, where they form the top brass in the Indian Army and to a lesser extent the Navy and Air Force.

Malhotra and Mehrotra

Mehrotra is a modified form of Malhotra , which is itself may be an extended form of Mehra (Punjabi: mérā ‘chief’, ‘master’).

The Malhotras are from the Punjab and the Mehrotras are from the state of Uttar Pradesh. The Mehrotra clan along with the Tandon, Kapur/Kapoor, Seth and Verma clans form the small Khatri community of Uttar Pradesh. The Tandon, Kapur, Seth and Verma clans are also found among Punjabi Khatris.

Prominent Malhotras







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