Daniel Horowitz

Daniel Horowitz (born December 14, 1954) is a well-known American defense attorney.


Horowitz was born in New York City. He received his Bachelor of Arts from Hampshire College. In 1980, he earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles, California. He was admitted to the California State Bar that same year.

Because of his successful legal practice, he was a frequent TV commentator during the Scott Peterson trial. He has appeared as a regular legal commentator on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News.


Horowitz became a national media personality when he became a regular television commentator during the Scott Peterson trial. Horowitz was selected by Nancy Grace and Dan Abrams as a regular guest because he was friends with Peterson trial Judge, Al Delucchi having done two death penalty trials in Judge Delucchi's courtroom.

As a commentator, Horowitz was known as being highly critical of prosecutor's Rick Distaso and David Harris, who Horowitz called "Little Rickie and Dumb Dave". Rick Distaso is now a Stanislaus County judge and it is unknown if Horowitz has appeared in front of him since giving him that nickname.

Since the Peterson trial, Horowitz has been a commentator on other high profile cases such as the Michael Jackson trial.

High Profile Cases

Horowitz has represented numerous celebrity clients in groundbreaking cases. He represents author Terry McMillan in her invasion privacy lawsuit against her ex-husband and his attorney. This is a case where the ex took to the media during their divorce. The lawsuit claims that McMillan had a right to privacy and that "even celebrities" are entitled to privacy in their private lives. Terry McMillan Story

Horowitz a liberal, recently represented his friend conversative talk show host, Michael Savage in Savage's lawsuit against CAIR, a group that claims that it represents the civil rights of American Muslims but which Savage claimed was formed by Hamas and designed to mimic a legitimate civil rights group. Article on Savage Lawsuit

Horowitz also represents San Francisco Police officer Andrew Cohen in Cohen's lawsuit against San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and police chief Heather Fong. This arises out of Cohen's so called comedy video tape that had led to the "VideoGate" controversy that threatens Gavin Newsom's political career. video on this topic

When Prime Minister of Ukraine, Pavel Lazarenko was charged with crimes in the United States, he hired Daniel Horowitz to handle the international aspects of the case. This was unusual because the crimes alleged against Lazarenko took place in Ukraine and not in the U.S. Horowitz questioned witnesses in open court in Israel and Cyprus, and in judicial proceedings Ukraine, Turkey and Canada. This process of appearing in foreign courts requires extensive negotiations between governments and is very rare. However, the prosecution of Pavel Lazarenko had many political overtones with the defense claiming that Lazarenko was the champion of the Western leading freedom parties battling against the old Russian oligarchy. The prosecution however, rejected this claim and asserted that Lazarenko took advantage of the upheaval in the newly liberated Ukraine and used his position to line his pockets rather than help his country.

When he was younger, Horowitz was known for his brash tactics such as having a deputy sheriff seize a United Airlines 747 jet that was set to take off for Paris. Horowitz' client's were owed $ 7,500 that he won in a lawsuit. When United failed to pay, Horowitz filed the necessary paperwork to have the sheriff seize the jet. Web Reference to UA assertion

Horowitz' defense of husband killer Susan Polk was portrayed on Dateline NBC. Dateline Interview on Polk Case He briefly represented wife killer Hans Reiser the developer of a well known Linux database system but withdrew after one week on the case. Since his wife's murder, Horowitz has taken very few violent criminal cases and has shifted his representation to civil cases, white collar crimes and civil litigation. Despite this, he still appears on Nancy Grace representing the criminal defense point of view. Lazarenko Case Discussed from many sides

During the Lazarenko case, Horowitz went to Ukraine to question, Mykola Azarov, head of the State Tax Administration. When Horowitz started to ask his questions Azarov, "bolted out of the room like a small frightened mouse" (Ukrayinska Pravda, February 25, 2004).


Horowitz said he and Pamela Vitale met earlier than 1993 when Vitale worked in Hollywood as an independent movie producer after attending film school at the University of California Los Angeles. He had written a screenplay about one of his cases and was shopping it around. Mutual friends brought the two together. According to Horowitz, "she was interested in reading my script," he remembered. "But once I met her I fell completely in love and no longer cared about the script."

Vitale was a single mom raising a 15-year-old daughter and an 18-year-old son. The two began dating long distance. They were married in 1994 on a rainy day in November. Vitale moved to the Bay Area with her daughter, Marisa, and took a job working for Pacific Bell. She eventually became an executive at Informix. When the company was sold, Vitale took her severance pay and began working in Horowitz's law firm maintaining databases.

Wife's murder

On October 15, 2005 he found his wife dead at the mobile home where the couple was living while their house was being built nearby. At the time, Horowitz was defending Susan Polk in her murder trial. Vitale and Horowitz had been married nearly 11 years and were building their dream home for the past two years in Lafayette in Contra Costa County, California. Medical examiners have concluded that Vitale died from blunt trauma to the head. When contacted via cell phone by a Bay Area newspaper, Horowitz said, "I can't talk, I can't. It's beyond words."

On October 20, 2005 police arrested a 16-year-old boy from Lafayette, California, Scott Dyleski, in connection to the crime.

Dyleski was convicted of killing Pamela Vitale on August 28, 2006. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole on 26 September 2006.


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