invader zim

invader zim

Invader Zim is the name of an animated television series for teenagers that originally aired from 2001-2003 on the cable channel Nickelodeon.

The main plot of Invader Zim revolves around the alien Zim. Zim is from the planet Irk, and has decided to invade and destroy all life on Earth. Each episode chronicles an attempt at conquering the world, but each attempt is doomed to failure. This failure is in large part due to the lack of knowledge Zim has about the world, although he has a robot servant, GIR, who contributes to the failings as well. The human Dib also foils Zim and his attempts to destroy Earth, as Dib is one of the only humans who realizes what Zim is doing. There are a host of other characters, including the Almighty Tallest, the emperors of the Irken Empire, and Gaz, the younger sister of Dib who does not suspect the true goals of Zim. Most of the action takes place on Earth, as Zim goes to a school, or in Zim's home.

The series was created and conceptualized by Jhonen Vasquez, a comic book artist, who has gone on to work on comic book series and music videos. The first season of the show was highly critically acclaimed, winning an Emmy and an Annie award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation for storyboarding in the first episode. The creative team also won a World Animation Celebration award for best title sequence.

Invader Zim was cancelled by Nickelodeon in 2003, leaving some episodes unaired. However, in the years since then, as dvd sales of the series have climbed, Nickelodeon has re-aired episodes on both its main channel and the spinoff channel Nicktoons. The show has developed a cult following; there was even an Invader Zim convention in March 2011.

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