Intwine is a Dutch rockband with Latin influences. The band was formed in the autumn of 2002. The members met each other at the Fontys Rockacademy of Tilburg.


In 2002 five members of the Fontys Rockacademy started the band Intwine.

Their first single Happy? was a big hit in the Netherlands and Belgium in 2003. Their debut album Intwine spawned three more singles: Way out, Get outta my head and Let me be. The band was nominated for the TMF Awards and for an Edison Award.

In 2004 the band composed and recorded the title song Cruel Man for the Dutch film The Preacher. Their second album Perfect became a success.

Intwine became known in other countries as well, such as in Turkey, where Cruel man got to number 1 in the charts.

In 2005 Intwine were nominated again for an Edison Award. Intwine also performed at the Pinkpop festival.

In 2006 the band wrote the title song Feel it for the film Nachtrit.

In 2007 Roger Peterson sang a song in Carmen meets Carmen.



Title Date of release Highest position Number of weeks
Intwine 3-10-2003 17 21
The pure session (dvd en cd) 29-4-2004
Perfect 27-9-2004 18 28
Pyrrhic Victory 14-10-2006 43 4

  • Their latest album is Pyrrhic Victory. There are no Caribbean influences any more, it is pure rock. The two new members have had influence on this album. Because of that it has more electrical influences.


Year Single Album Peak Position
Dutch Top 40 Dutch Top 100
2003 "Happy?" Intwine 3 4
"Way Out" 22 24
"Get Outta My Head" 32 44
2004 "Let Me Be" - 50
"Cruel Man" Perfect 7 11
2005 "Slow Down" - 56
"You" 38 24
2006 "Peace Of Mind" non-album single - 84
"Feel It" Pyrrhic Victory - 24
2007 "The Chosen (Assassin's Creed) (ft. Brainpower)" non-album single - 43
2008 "Solo" Pyrrhic Victory - 90

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