Popular Movement for the Good of Borlänge

Popular Movement for the Good of Borlänge (in Swedish: Folkrörelsen för Borlänges Bästa) commonly referred to as FBB was a local municipal party in Borlänge. The party formed because new ideas among members that does not conform with Borlänge's Social Democratic Party board was intolerated by the Social Democratic Party. Members was either unhappy with the Social democratic governing of Borlänge or former rejected members of the Social Democratic Party.

FBB was led and created by Ricardo Bonett. Another notable members was Bo Bjurman whom was subjected to a smear campaign Just days before the election with flawed journalism and falsified allegations by the socialistic local county newspaper Dala-Demokraten. Something very unusual in Swedish politics.

FBB was running for the Borlänge's municipal council elections in 1998, gaining 428 votes(1,5%) resulting in no seats in the municipal council.


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