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Into the Lion's Den Part I: Lambs to the Slaughter

"Into the Lion's Den Part I: Lambs to the Slaughter" is an episode from the third season of the American television series Farscape, written by Richard Manning and directed by Ian Watson.

Costume designer Terry Ryan and costume supervisor Lyn Askew were nominated for a 2002 Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for a Series for this episode.


The crew of Moya travel to Scorpius' Command Carrier, with John and Scorpius each wearing one Yensch bracelet, so everything one feels, the other feels, to ensure there's no trap. John is there to sabotage Scorpius' wormhole project, but he's not sure how--he will figure that out as he goes along. Aeryn, Jool, Rygel, Crais, Chiana and D'Argo are all there to get various things as part of the truce agreement. Jool is going to get data on how to get home. D'Argo will get data on his wife's murderer, her PK brother Macton, and in addition he's going to have the rings surgically implanted around his scapulae removed. Rygel wants to get data on the situation with his empire, and how his cousin Bishan is doing. Chiana is basically there to obtain information surreptitiously in the ways she knows best. As a surprise addition to the deal, Crais is there to get Talyn reprogrammed. The PKs whisper insults to Aeryn and Crais, and Aeryn runs into Henta, who appears to have been her best friend in her PK days. Aeryn greets her with joy, but Henta throws a drink in her face and insults her. Crais is paired with a former lover of his, Larell, a Leviathan technician, but it's difficult to tell who is playing whom--she was interrogated in the Aurora Chair after Crais' defection, and hated him, but now professes to love him again. But she is also allegedly spying on him, which Crais knows.

John, with many histrionics to inspire respect, begins working with Co-Kura Strappa, Linfer's friend and the man in charge of the wormhole project. John meets with Aeryn to discuss options. He could A) erase their data; B) deliberately set them in the wrong direction; or C) Escape and run like hell. All of the options have problems and he's not sure what to do. Harvey has been adjusting John's energy signature so Scorpius can't tell John's lying. Scorpius gives John his own file, to show him where he's coming from (this is basically the information revealed in the episode Incubator, and explains to him what a danger the Scarrans are to the universe. The more John learns, the more intrigued he becomes, and he eventually tells Aeryn he's thinking it might be a good thing for the PKs to have the wormhole technology. She's unhappy about this, saying that the other John died to prevent that, and he has to remind her he's not the other one.

Several of the PKs, in defiance of Scorpius' orders, stage an attack on D'Argo, who defeats them and kills one. Another problem arises when Commandant Mele-on Grayza arrives at the Command Carrier and tells Scorpius to cease his wormhole activities--she is trying to arrange a treaty with the Scarrans, and the wormhole project only antagonizes them. It's also an embarrassment that the PKs can't catch the Moyans. Scorpius is furious at her interference but she outranks him. She also has all of the Moyans and Moya herself arrested, except John and Aeryn, who were able to resist. John confronts Grayza, Scorpius has her kicked off his ship, and the Moyans are freed. But Grayza is able to get a message to one of the officers on the Carrier to kill Crichton, which he tries to do (which would also result in Scorpius' death). The attack fails, and John confronts Scorpius about his loss of control. Scorpius then attacks John because he feels he's not working hard enough on the project. He tells him he's found earth, and though it will take 60 cycles to get there, he'll send a ship there and destroy it as revenge against John if John doesn't keep his end of the bargain.

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