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Angoulême International Comics Festival Prix Jeunesse 9-12 ans

The Prix Jeunesse 9-12 ans is awarded to comics authors at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. It rewards the best album for a 9 to 12 years old targeted public. The award started in 1981 as the "Alfred enfant", without the distinction in age groups. In 1984, the named changed for one year to "Alfred du meilleur album enfant". From 1987, distinction is made between the age categories. This award is then called "Alfred moins de 12 ans". In 1988, the name changes to "Alfred du meilleur album jeunesse". In 1989, the name changes again to "Alph'art Jeunesse". Between 1991 and 1995, the distinction between the two categories disappears. In 1996, the name changes to "Alph'art Jeunesse 9-12 ans".

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